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Office of Civil Rights

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EEO Counseling Process Flowchart

This chart presents a flowchart with boxes representing the steps in the EEO Counseling Process.

The first step is "Alleged Incident".

The second step is "Aggrieved Persons Contacts a Counselor", which must be completed within 45 days of "Alleged Incident."

The third step is "Counseling Phase", which will happen within 30 days after the completion of "Aggrieved Persons Contacts a Counselor".

From "Counseling Phase", the next step is either "Final Interview" or "Request ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)".

From "Request ADR", the next step is "Mediation", which will happen within 90 days.

From "Mediation", the next step is either "Resolution" or "No Resolution".

From "Resolution", the next step is "Signed Agreement" and the EEO Counseling Process ends.

From "No Resolution", the next step is "Final Interview".

After "Final Interview", the next step is "Notice Issued by EEO Counselors".

The final step is "Aggrieved Persons File Formal Complaint", which must happen within 15 days of "Notice Issued be EEO Counselors". This ends the EEO Counseling Process.

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