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Civil Rights

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Civil Rights

Title VI Program Implementation Plan Checklist

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  1. STANDARD DOT ASSURANCES: Does the Plan include a signed copy of the DOT Standard Title VI Assurances with Appendices “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” and “E”? (This can be attached as an appendix to the plan)
  1. ORGANIZATION & STAFFING: Does the Plan identify the Title VI Coordinator who has easy access to the head of the agency? Is there an organizational chart that identifies a Civil Rights Unit, and its placement in the agency?
  1. PROGRAM REVIEW PROCEDURES: Does the Plan describe a brief description of the recipient’s program areas, the Title VI implications/responsibilities in the program area and include procedures for conducting reviews of the program areas?
  1. SUB-RECPIENT REVIEW PROCEDURES: Does the Plan describe the process for determining how many and which sub recipients will be reviewed each year and the process for conducting reviews of sub recipients?
  1. DATA COLLECTION/REPORTING/ANALYSIS: Does the Plan contain a process for collecting, analyzing, and reporting Title VI data on race, color, national origin for each of its program areas and in the sub recipient reviews? (This may be more effective by including data collection/reporting/analysis by program area)
  1. TITLE VI TRAINING: Does the Plan describe the process the state uses to conduct Title VI training of staff members and sub recipients?
  1. COMPLAINT PROCEDURES: Does the Plan contain complaint procedures which describe the process for investigations and disposition of Title VI complaints that conforms to the FHWA complaints procedures?
  1. DISSEMINATION OF TITLE VI INFORMATION: Does the Plan contain community outreach and public education procedures as well as how the public outreach data is collected/analyzed to ensure effectiveness?
  1. REVIEW OF STA DIRECTIVES: Does the Plan describe how the STA reviews directives to determine if there are Title VI implications, and interpret how directives impact Title VI program areas?
  1. COMPLIANCE AND ENFORCEMENT PROCEDURES: Does the Plan outline Title VI Program compliance and enforcement procedures to address deficiencies or when noncompliance is determined?
  1. LIMITED ENGLISH PROFIECIENCY Does the Plan explain how LEP populations are identified state wide and per project as well as how the 4 factor analysis is applied statewide and per project to determine what translations are appropriate.
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