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Concrete Plant Inspector's CheckList

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  1. Aggregates
    1. Stockpile foundation condition
    2. Aggregate stockpiled properly
    3. Handling of aggregates
  2. Cement and Fly Ash
    1. Has material been properly sampled?
    2. Are storage facilities adequate?
    3. Have proper certificates been received?
  3. Batching Equipment
    1. Bins and loading hopper checked for conditions and compliance with specifications
    2. All scales checked and calibrated
    3. Sensitivity of scales checked
    4. Water meter checked for accuracy
    5. Transit mix truck condition
    6. Revolution counter operation
  4. Mix Proportions
    1. Approved mix design received
    2. Size and batch determined
    3. Mix design proportions adjusted for desired air content
  5. Batch Quantities
    1. Dry weights per batch established for:
      • Sacks or pounds of cement and fly ash
      • of fine aggregate
      • Pounds of coarse aggregate
    2. Total water required per batch
    3. Total yield (including air) per batch
    4. Quantity of air entraining agent required per batch
    5. Quantity of other additives required per batch
  6. Moisture Content
    1. Percent total moisture for each aggregate
    2. Gallons of effective moisture per batch
    3. Gallons of water to be added at mixer
  7. Scale Weights per Batch
    1. Cement same as dry weight
    2. Fly ash weight
    3. Aggregate (dry weight plus total moisture in pounds per each aggregate)
    4. Scales balanced and counterbalances securely fastened
    5. Scale weights for each material set and checked
    6. Admixture measurement devices adjusted to measure correct amount
    7. Water meter adjusted
  8. Batching and Hauling
    1. Batch trucks adequate for size of batch
    2. No spillage or contamination while loading
    3. Empty batch trucks clean and free of foreign material
    4. Condition of agitating and non-agitating equipment for hauling Central Mix Concrete
    5. Pre-wet mixer at beginning of operations
    6. Set revolution counter to zero at beginning of operations
  9. Routine Duties
    1. Systematic check of scale settings during the day
    2. Regular daily checks on cement received and used
    3. Constant testing and checking moisture content of aggregates
    4. Daily report prepared and records kept up to date
    5. Fill out haul tickets
Updated: 06/27/2017
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