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Delaware Division

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Delaware Program Areas

Select the first letter of the program area from the list below to jump to appropriate section of this page. The person listed after the program area is the primary point of contact.

Download delaware_collateral_duties_list.pdf (PDF, 320 KB)



No Value Primary Contact
Advance Acquisitions William Jones
Air Quality Ryan O’Donoghue
Americans with Disabilities Act William Jones
Apportionments / Allocations / Fund Transfer Hermiose Dornevil
Appraisals William Jones
Asset Management Systems Ryan O'Donoghue
Audits Hermiose Dornevil


No Value Primary Contact
Bicycle / Pedestrian Rebecca Ledebohm
Bridge / Tunnel / etc. Shyan-Yung Pan
Briefing Reports (State Briefs) Angelia Pecoraio
Budget-GOE Travis Wilt
Buy-America Provisions Act Daniel Montag


No Value Primary Contact
Civil Rights (State Internal) William Jones
Civil Rights (External Programs) William Jones
Compliance Assessment Program (CAP) Daniel Montag
Congestion Management Systems Ryan O’Donoghue
Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality (CMAQ) Ryan O’Donoghue
Construction Daniel Montag
Consultant Selection Procedures / Issues Daniel Montag
Context Sensitive Solutions Rebecca Ledebohm
Contract Administration Daniel Montag
Correspondence Tracking Travis Wilt
Corridor Preservation Rebecca Ledebohm
Crash Data LaTonya Gilliam
Current Bill Payment Hermiose Dornevil


No Value Primary Contact
Debarment and Suspensions Daniel Montag
Design (Geometric) LaTonya Gilliam
Design-Build Daniel Montag
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise & DBE / Supportive Services (SS) William Jones


No Value Primary Contact
Emergency Preparedness Travis Wilt
Emergency Relief Daniel Montag
Environmental Justice Rebecca Ledebohm
Every Day Counts Ryan O'Donoghue


No Value Primary Contact
Ferry Boat Discretionary Program Hermiose Dornevil
Files / Records Management Travis Wilt
FIRE Hermiose Dornevil
Fleet Management (GOVs) Travis Wilt
Freedom of Information (FOIA) Hermiose Dornevil
Freight Management (Intermodal) Ryan O’Donoghue
FTA Liaison Ryan O’Donoghue
Functional Classification Ryan O’Donoghue
Funds Management Hermiose Dornevil


No Value Primary Contact
Geotechnical Shyan-Yung Pan


No Value Primary Contact
Hazardous Waste / Materials Ryan O'Donoghue
High Performance Materials Ryan O'Donoghue
Highway Beautification Program (Billboards) William Jones
Highway Safety (148, 130, 402) LaTonya Gilliam
Historical - Section 106 (Historic / Archaeological / Cultural) Rebecca Ledebohm
HPMS (Highway Performance Monitoring System) Ryan O’Donoghue
Hydrology / Hydraulics Shyan-Yung Pan


No Value Primary Contact
Incident Management Travis Wilt
Innovative (Alternative) Contracting Daniel Montag
Innovative Financing Hermiose Dornevil
Intelligent Transportation System ITS / DelTrac Daniel Montag
Interstate Access Point Approval Daniel Montag


No Value Primary Contact
Labor Compliance William Jones
Local Public Agency Projects Daniel Montag
Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Shyan-Yung Pan


No Value Primary Contact
Maintenance Ryan O'Donoghue
Major Projects Daniel Montag
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices LaTonya Gilliam
Materials Ryan O'Donoghue
Metropolitan Transportation Planning Process Ryan O’Donoghue
Motor Fuel Tax Compliance Report Ryan O’Donoghue
MPO Work Program, Certification, Long Range Plan &TIP Ryan O’Donoghue


No Value Primary Contact
National Highway System (NHS) Ryan O’Donoghue
National Summer Transportation Institute William Jones
NCHRP Shyan-Yung Pan
Noise/Noise Walls Rebecca Ledebohm


No Value Primary Contact
Obligation Authority Hermiose Dornevil
Official Mailbox Ryan O'Donoghue
On the Job Training (OJT) & OJT / Supportive Services (SS) William Jones


No Value Primary Contact
Patented / Proprietary Products Daniel Montag
Pavement Markings LaTonya Gilliam
Pavements Ryan O'Donoghue
PEER Daniel Montag
Performance Tracking Angelia Pecoraio
Planning Program Ryan O’Donoghue
Pooled Fund Studies Shyan-Yung Pan
Process Review Coordination / Tracking Angelia Pecoraio
Program Codes Hermiose Dornevil
Procurement / Purchases Travis Wilt
Projects of Division Interests/Projects Corporate Interest (PoDI/PoCI) Daniel Montag
Property and Airspace Management William Jones
Public Involvement (NEPA) Rebecca Ledebohm
Public Road Mileage Certification Ryan O’Donoghue
Public / Private Partnerships Daniel Montag


No Value Primary Contact
Quality Assurance / Quality Control Ryan O'Donoghue


No Value Primary Contact
Railroad Projects LaTonya Gilliam
Railroads / Highway Crossing Safety LaTonya Gilliam
Rest Areas William Jones
Right-of-Way (ROW) William Jones
Risk Assessment Angelia Pecoraio
Roadside Hardware LaTonya Gilliam


No Value Primary Contact
Safety (HSIP) LaTonya Gilliam
Scenic Byways Rebecca Ledebohm
Section 4(f) Rebecca Ledebohm
Signing LaTonya Gilliam
Specifications Daniel Montag
Standard Construction Details Daniel Montag
Statewide Planning & Research
  • State Planning Activities (SPR Part I) Ryan O’Donoghue
  • Research Program (SPR Part II) Shyan-Yung Pan
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Ryan O’Donoghue
Statewide Transportation Plan Ryan O’Donoghue
Stewardship Agreement Ryan O'Donoghue


No Value Primary Contact
Technology Deployment / Transfer Shyan-Yung Pan
Time & Attendance Administration Travis Wilt
Title VI & Limited English Proficiency Program William Jones
Toll Credit Certification Hermiose Dornevil
Toll Facilities Daniel Montag
Traffic Engineering LaTonya Gilliam
Training Coordination Travis Wilt
Transportation Alternatives Program Rebecca Ledebohm
Transportation Performance Management Program Angelia Pecoraio
Transportation Performance Management Measures

Ryan O'Donoghue,
Daniel Montag,
Shyan-Yung Pan, Ryan O’Donoghue

Travel Orders & Vouchers – E2 Angelia Pecoraio
Tribal Coordination Rebecca Ledebohm


No Value Primary Contact
Unified Planning Work Program (MPOs) Ryan O’Donoghue
Unit Performance Plan Angelia Pecoraio
Urban Area Boundaries Ryan O’Donoghue
Utilities Daniel Montag


No Value Primary Contact
Value Engineering Daniel Montag
Value Pricing / Managed Lane Ryan O’Donoghue
Vehicle Size & Weight Enforcement Ryan O’Donoghue
Visual Impacts Rebecca Ledebohm


No Value Primary Contact
Water Quality Rebecca Ledebohm
Website (Internet and Intranet) Angelia Pecoraio
Weekly Report to the Secretary Angelia Pecoraio
Wetland Banking Rebecca Ledebohm
Wild and Scenic Rivers Rebecca Ledebohm
Wildflower Program Rebecca Ledebohm
Work Zone Safety Daniel Montag


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