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Attachment A

FY 2008
On-the-Job Training and Supportive Services Program for Existing Projects
Accomplishment Report

Instructions: Please answer all questions completely. Incomplete accomplishment reports will be returned and may delay consideration for future funding. Please refer to the 2007 OJT/SS handbook for guidance. Please do not answer any questions by making reference to a website or other documents.

  1. General Information

    1. What is the name of the project that was funded? If the project name has been modified, please provide the new project name and the reason for the change. In addition, please provide the performance period for the project.

    2. What amountof funding is being requested for FY 2008?

    3. Were there any delays/changes in the performance period stated in Question 1 above (from the original statement of work (SOW))? If so, please provide the reason(s) for the delay or change.

    4. Was a revised work plan or contract submitted to the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Headquarters Office of Civil Rights (HCR? If so, when were the document(s) submitted and to whom?
  1. Result-Oriented Objectives (Refer to OJT/SS Handbook - Section D - page 5-8)

    1. List the specific target group(s) (e.g., women, minorities, Native Americans) and geographical area(s) served.

    2. Provide accomplishments to date with clearly stated measurable outcomes (include data and information for the length of the project).

      • Number of participants served or service provided (e.g., job site mentoring, child care, transportation to work site or job placement )
      • Number of participants enrolled in the program.
      • Number of participants who completed training.
      • Retention Rate for project participants.
      • Number of participants who were advantageously employed.
      • Number of participants receiving follow-up contact within a 6 month period after employment.
  1. Program Goals (Refer to OJT/SS Handbook - Section C - page 5-6)

    1. Please provide a list of every goal from the original SOW that was achieved, and the state outcome.

    2. What contributed to the project's success in achieving each goal? (Please provide a narrative for every goal(s)).

    3. Which goal(s) in the original SOW were not achieved? Please explain why they were not achieved.
  1. Reporting Requirements (Refer to OJT/SS Handbook - Section G - page 5-11)

    1. Were monthly progress reports submitted to the FHWA division office? If so, when were they submitted and to whom? If you were unsuccessful in meeting any of the reporting requirements, please explain why the requirement(s) was not met.

    2. Were quarterly progress reports submitted to HCR? If so, when were they submitted and to whom? If you were unsuccessful in meeting any of the reporting requirements, please explain why the requirement(s) was not met.

    3. Was an annual report submitted within 60 days (after the fourth quarter) to HCR? If so, when was it submitted and to whom? If you were unsuccessful in meeting the reporting requirement, please explain why the requirement was not met.

    4. If the project was completed, was an approved comprehensive report setting forth, at a minimum, the project budget; the procedures for project development, administration, implementation and results submitted to HCR? If not, please explain why. If so, whom and to when did you send the annual report to?
  1. In-Kind Contributions (Refer to OJT/SS Handbook - Section I)

    1. Please identify any and all in-kind contributions received from the community. If none were received, please explain why.
    2. If in-kind contributions were received, please provide HCR with the type of materials, equipment or services that were given without charge to the program.
  1. Partnerships (Refer to OJT/SS Handbook - Section D)

    • Name of Representative(s)
    • Name of Organization(s)
    • Name the organization/service(s) the partners provided
    • Address:
    • Phone Number:
    • E-mail Address:
    • Fax Number:
  1. Budget and Financial Requirements (Refer to OJT/SS Handbook - Section D - page 5-15)

    1. Were the budget items linked directly to the program's objectives? If not, please provide an explanation for

    2. Please provide a skeletal outline showing new budget for existing project. The budget summary should provide the main budget line item categories, identification of whether funds are in-kind or requested and the total amounts for each category
    3. Was all the funding used? If not, please provide the amount of unexpended funds that were not utilized and projection date for invoicing the completion of funds?

    4. Were any of following Federal-aid State Core Program Funds for Training, Education and Workforce Development, (i.e., Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality, Highway Bridge Program, Interstate Maintenance, National Highway System and Surface Transportation Program) used the draw down of SAFETEA-LU - Section 5204(e)? If so, which State program and how were they used.
  1. Additional Information

    1. Please share any additional information about the program that would be helpful to HCR for the future.

    2. Please provide the contact information of a person that may be reached to answer any further questions about this program:

      • Name of Representative:
      • Service Provider (in-house administered by the State or outside consultant):
      • Agency/Organization:
      • Address:
      • Phone Number:
      • E-mail Address:
      • Fax Number:

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