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Excellence in Highway Design

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Excellence in Highway Design

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The Excellence in Highway Design Biennial Awards Program is back! In 2000 the Biennial Awards were incorporated into the Design for Transportation National Awards, a broader program that covered all modes of transportation. The highway community takes great pride in creating a wide range of innovative designs to meet a myriad of user needs. The many different types of highway-related facilities and the design solutions they provide certainly justify an awards program focused only on highways. Thus, the Biennial Awards are back, highlighting the best in highway design from bridges and highways to pedestrian/bicycle facilities, and from Intelligent Transportation Systems to historic preservation.

The purpose of the Awards is to recognize the superior efforts and achievements of public agencies and private organizations in designing highway-related facilities that provide safety and mobility while being sensitive to the human and natural environment as well as contributing to a more pleasing highway experience. The 2002 Award winners include outstanding examples of highways, bridges, tunnel, roadside facilities, and other improvements that demonstrate what can be done when designers use their creativity to find context sensitive solutions that move traffic in a way that it is aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly, as well as safe and efficient.

This publication, available in both printed and CD format, illustrates the winning entries in the 2002 Excellence in Highway Design Competition. Approximately 190 entries were received this year and covered a wide range of highway and highway-related projects. All of the entries represented the best in highway design. Our thanks to the panel of five judges who performed the difficult task of selecting the "best of the best." All five judges shared a passion for highways and a life-long dedication to highway quality, while each judge brought unique experience and insights to the task. They have selected outstanding projects in each of the nine categories.

Our congratulations to the winners and all who participated in the 2002 Excellence in Highway Design Biennial Awards Program. Your dedication to providing the highest quality facilities to highway users is truly an inspiration.

Dwight Horne
Director, Office of Program Administration

Donald R. Jackson
Program Coordinator

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