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Category 5 - Structures Costing $10 Million or More

Honorable Mention

Interstate 490, Troup Howell Bridge Replacement
Rochester, New York

Photo showing the three-rib arch, cross-bracing, and fanned cables connecting the arch to the bridge deck.Night view of the bridge with decorative lighting emphasizing the arch and the fanned cables.Troup Howell Bridge Replacement

An expressway, dubbed the Inner Loop, surrounds Rochester's central business district. The Troup Howell Bridge is located at the southern end of the Inner Loop carrying Interstate 490 over the Genesse River. Traditionally, a steel arch bridge holding eight travel lanes would require two independent bridges with four total ribs, separating the east and west bound lanes. The location of adjacent historic buildings and a complex interchange of ramps and expressway connections precluded the widening and realigning the highway. The solution was to combine the two center ribs and construct a unique three-rib true arch span that is aesthetically pleasing, meets functional and operational goals, and provides a long-term low maintenance solution. Because of the unique creative construction solution, this bridge was built next to and around the existing structure without major disruption to the traveling public. The bridge, formally dedicated as the "Frederick Douglass-Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge," has become a symbol for the renewed city and future development.

Designer: Erdman, Anthony and Associates, Inc., Rochester, NY
Contractor: Edward Kraemer & Sons, Plain, WI
Owner: New York State Department of Transportation

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Updated: 06/27/2017
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