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Category 7 - Intermodal Transportation Facilities

Honorable Mention

Interstate 5, International Friendship Plaza
San Diego, California

Before and after views of the Camiones Way cul-de-sac plaza and walkways. The finished cul-de-sac is enhanced with vegetation, decorative railing, and colored concrete.Photographic collage of design details highlighting graphic and decorative pavements, separated bikeway, furnishings, and landscaping. Images in the decorate pavements use color and texture to portray images of local wildlife, history, and names of local places.

The Friendship Plaza, located on the west side of Interstate 5, creates a bicultural transit/pedestrian/bicycle plaza and gateway between two nations, the United States and Mexico, at the world’s busiest border crossing. The project was conceived of as a symbol of our shared heritage and common history. The project includes enhanced, decorative pavements—along with bilingual interpretive panels providing historical, cultural, and tourist points of interest relating to both Alta and Baja Californias—allowing pedestrians walking south to the international border gates to "retrace" the path taken by the Spanish explorers. A number of design improvements were made to facilitate efficient and smooth flow of pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles. Bus stops for public buses and local shuttles/taxis, and the drop-off area for private vehicle passengers were relocated and expanded. Walkways were widened along with a new signalized crosswalk, decorative fencing barriers, furnishings, and separated bikeways with parking for 300 bikes, providing a comfortable and pleasant border crossing experience.

Designer: Emilio Viramontes, California Department of Transportation, San Diego, CA
Contractor: 3-D Enterprises, San Diego, CA
Owner: California Department of Transportation, San Diego, CA

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