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This is canceled. See https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/eihd/.

Biennial Awards Program Non regulatory Supplement

Formerly FAPG G 6025.3, Chapter 6, Biennial Awards Program
December 9, 1991, Transmittal 1
See Order 1321.1C FHWA Directives Management

  1. Par.
  2. Competition
  3. Objectives
  4. Categories
  5. Entries
  6. Eligibility
  7. Processing
  8. Judging
  9. Awards
  10. Responsibilities
  1. PURPOSE. To establish responsibilities and provide general guidelines for a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Biennial Awards Program to provide recognition to and offer incentives for outstanding highway and highway-related improvements.
  2. COMPETITION. A national awards competition is to be held biennially to determine the recent outstanding examples of highway and highway-related improvements within several categories.
    1. The FHWA strongly advocates and actively promotes excellence in the planning, design, and development of highway facilities that are not only functional but are also visually pleasing. Highways should be designed and built so that they are a matter of pride for those who live near them as well as those who use them.
    2. The Biennial Awards Program is a part of the FHWA's continuing effort to encourage and pro mote incentives for highway designs which are very pleasing visually and which exhibit environmental awareness. The program will honor the recent outstanding examples in various categories of highway-related improvements.
    3. The program will also inform the general public about the elements of modern highway development and foster greater appreciation for how highway designers weld these elements into attractive, functional, and environmentally compatible highway systems.
    4. An additional objective of the program is to provide a reservoir of photographs and materials to illustrate publications and to serve as training aids.
    1. The awards competition is to be divided into several categories of similar improvements. Specific criteria are to be developed for each category.
    2. The categories are to cover a selected range of specific highway and related improvements of special interest to FHWA.
    1. Nominations may be submitted by any person, organization, association, group, or agency knowledgeable of the entry.
    2. Entries are to be submitted in the form and manner prescribed in the announcement of the competition.
    1. Highway or highway-related improvements in the United States or its possessions accomplished by State or local agencies, or freeway or toll authorities, and accomplished within a specified time, are eligible for nomination in the appropriate categories of the competition.
    2. Highway improvements performed directly for Federal agencies are not eligible for competition.
    3. Award and honorable mention winners of previous FHWA annual award competitions may not be reentered.
    1. All entries are to be submitted to the appropriate FHWA division office by the appointed date. The division office will review the entries for correctness, decide if the entry is in the proper category, and determine that contest requirements are met.
    2. Upon completion of the review, qualifying entries will be forwarded to the FHWA regional office by the appointed date where they will be checked and logged in.
    3. Regional offices will forward the entries to the Washington Headquarters by the appointed date.
    1. Each Regional Federal Highway Administrator will nominate one qualified person to the judging panel. From the nominees the Washington Headquarters will develop an interdisciplinary panel of five to seven judges. Judges may not be FHWA or State highway agency employees, nor FHWA or State highway agency retirees, nor relatives of employees of FHWA or of Statehighway agencies. Names of nominees and judges are not to be announced until after judging is completed.
    2. The judging panel will meet at a designated time and location to select by majority vote the winners from the qualified entries in each category.
    3. During the judging, representatives of FHWA will provide such assistance to the panel as is necessary without influencing its vote.
    1. Awards will be presented to the top three entries within each category.
    2. Announcement of the awards is to be made as soon as feasible after judging.
    3. The awards may be in the form of medallions, plaques, or certificates. These should be presented at appropriate ceremonies by the FHWA Regional or Division Administrators.
  10. RESPONSIBILITIES. The responsibilities for specific aspects of the program are:
    1. Program Coordination Office of Engineering, Federal-Aid and Design Division
    2. Publicity Office of Public Affairs
    3. Competition Criteria, Rules and Categories -Entry Forms Office of Engineering, Federal-Aid and Design Division
    4. Distribution of Entry Forms Office of Engineering and field offices
    5. Receipt and Review of Entries Division offices
    6. Processing of Entries Regional offices
    7. Preparation of Judging Displays, Exhibits, Graphics, and Brochures Office of Management Systems
    8. Nomination of Judges Regional offices, one each
    9. Appointment of Judges' Panel Office of Engineering, Federal-Aid and Design Division
    10. Correspondence (Notify Award Recipients and Other Contest Entrants) Office of Public Affairs
    11. Awards and Award Ceremonies Office of Public Affairs
    12. Photographs - Storage and Retrieval System Office of Management Systems
    13. Critique of Program Office of Engineering, Federal-Aid and Design Division
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