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1996 Excellence in Highway Design

Showcasing Outstanding Design

This web site illustrates the winning entries in the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) ninth consecutive Biennial Excellence in Highway Design competition. The 265 entries from State, city, county and Federal transportation agencies; consultants and contractors, covered a wide range of highway and highway-related projects. The sheer number of entries signifies a strong interest in taking care to design projects that will not only serve the needs of the traveling public, but improve the quality of life for all of us.

This bi-annual celebration began 30 years ago in 1967 when, inspired by Lady Bird Johnson's crusade to beautify the Nation's Highways, Secretary of Transportation Alan Boyd announced the start of a competition called "The Highway and its Environment." The purpose of this competition was to recognize the efforts and achievements of public agencies and private organizations in protecting, restoring and enhancing highway beauty. In that competition and its broader successor, "Excellence in Highway Design," (1990 to present), the FHWA has had the privilege of showcasing hundreds of outstanding examples of highways, bridges, roadside facilities and other improvements that demonstrate what we can do when we unleash the creativity and sensitivity of the dedicated men and women we call "the highway community."

The panel of judges were five outstanding members of the highway community. They brought their expertise and interest in highway design together for 2 and one-half days of studying, comparing, contrasting, and voting. It was a pleasure to witness their enthusiasm as they decided on the best projects in each category.

Our congratulations to the winners.

Office of Engineering, Gerald Eller, Director
Nicholas Artimovich, Program Manager
Federal Highway Administration
Washington, DC
October, 1996

Congratulations from the Acting Administrator

Category 1 - Urban Highways

Category 2 - Rural Highways

Category 3 - Major Highway Structures - Over $10 Million

Category 3B - Major Highway Structures - Under $10 Million

Category 4 - Highway Related Projects

Category 5 - Environmental Protection and Enhancements

Category 6 - Historic Preservation

Category 7 - Intermodal Transportation Facilities

Category 8 - Public/Private Participation

Category 9 - Highway Improvements on Publicly Owned Land

1996 Judges


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