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Manual for Abandoned Underground Mine Inventory and Risk Assessment
Appendix C: Informational Sources

Available Information for Abandoned Underground Mines: Source
Initial Site Listing:
Abandoned Underground Mine Map Series (U.S.G.S. Based) ODNR, Division of Geological Survey (DGS)
ODNR Historic Information Regarding Subsidence Events (Including information from the Ohio Mine Subsidence Insurance Program) ODNR, Division of Mining and Reclamation (DMR)
OSM Historic Information Regarding Subsidence Events U.S. Department of Interior (USDI), Office of Surface Mining (OSM)
Abandoned Underground Mine Inventory Field Data Sheets ODOT, Districts
Maintenance Records ODOT, Districts and Office of Highway Management
ODOT Field Reports ODOT, Districts and Counties
Individual Abandoned Underground Mine Maps ODNR, DGS


County Recorders

Initial Site Evaluation:
Individual Abandoned Underground Mine Map Data Sheets ODNR, DGS
Construction Plans / Microfilm
Including original soils investigation information
ODOT, Library
Measured Geological Section(s) ODNR, DGS, and USGS
Geological Structure Maps and/or Information ODNR, DGS, and USGS
Oil/Gas Well Logs ODNR, Division of Water (DOW)
Water Well Logs ODNR, DGS, and USGS
Detailed Site Evaluation:
Mine Inspector Records (From 1874 to 1914) ODNR, DGS
Priority Site Investigation:
Roadway Construction Diaries ODOT, Districts Office Of Highway Management
Aerial Photography, Historic and New, B&W and Infrared ODOT, Aerial Engineering
Satellite Imagery ODOT, Aerial Engineering
Quaternary Geology Maps ODNR, DGS

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