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Midwest Hydraulic Engineering Conference Agenda

East Lansing, Michigan, August 26 - 28, 2003

Tuesday, August 26, 2003
Session 1
Opening & Introductions - Dan Ghere, FHWA & Gary Croskey, Michigan DOT
Michigan Welcome - Mark VanPortFleet, Michigan DOT
FHWA Headquarters Update - Jorge Pagan, FHWA
FHWA RD&T Update - Sterling Jones, FHWA
FHWA Resource Center Update -S1_P03a.pdf &S1_P03b.pdf - Peter Osborn
FHWA & Cynthia Nurmi , FHWA
Session 2
Sam Win Overview
Larry Arneson, FHWA
Storm Drain Junction Losses
Roger Kilgore, Kilgore Consulting Management
Hydraulic Jumps in Broken-back Culverts
Kevin Donahoo, Nebraska Dept. of Roads
Session 3
WMS Updates and Enhancements
Larry Arneson, FHWA
SMS Updates and Enhancements
Larry Arneson, FHWA
Scour Program Update
Jorge Pagan, FHWA
Session 4
Caesar Overview And Update
George White, University of Washington
Scour Watch
Joe Scannell, USEngineering Solutions
Issues of the States
Wednesday, August 27
Session 5
Plan of Action for Scour Critical Bridges
Jorge Pagan, FHWA
Articulated Matt Countermeasures
Dave Claman, Iowa DOT
Scour Evaluation & Countermeasure Design
Kirk Harvey, Nebraska DOT
Session 6
Status of Scour Program in Arizona
Itty P. Itty, Arizona DOT
Minnesota Plans of Action
Andrea Hendrickson, Minnesota DOT
Panel Discussion of State Scour Programs
Moderator: Gary Croskey, Michigan DOT
Session 7
Application of HEC 18, HEC 20, and HEC 23
  • Overview of Complex Pier Scour
    Sterling Jones, FHWA
  • Overview of Lateral Channel Migration
    Pete Lagasse, Ayres Associates
  • Overview of Risk Analysis
    Larry Arneson, FHWA
Traditional Vs. Bioengineered Countermeasures
Donald Gray, University of Michigan
Session 8
Tollgate Drainage District Sewer Separation Project
Patrick Lindemann, Ingham County Drain Com.
Scour in Bottomless Culverts
Sterling Jones, FHWA
Addressing Floodplain Impacts in Environmental Documents
Joe Krolak, FHWA
Thursday, August 28
Session 9
NPDES Permit Program
Joe Krolak, FHWA
MNDOT BMP's for Erosion and Sediment Control
Leo Holm, Minnesota DOT
MNDOT Training and Certification Program
Leo Holm, Minnesota DOT
Session 10
NC DOT Program Model for NPDES Compliance
Matt Lauffer, North Carolina DOT
Ohio DOT Post Construction BMP's
Jeff Syar, Ohio DOT
MDOT Erosion and Sediment Control Procedures
Tom Killingsworth, Michigan DOT
Session 11
Great Lakes Beach Erosion
Scott Douglas, University of South Alabama
HEC 9 - Debris Control Structures
Brian Beucler, FHWA
Debris Free (Cancelled)
Mike Collier, Debris Free, Inc.
CMP Innovation
Jeff Gilkinson, CONTECH Construction Products
Closing Comments
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