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FHWA Hydraulic Toolbox, Version 4.20


Improvements made to this version of the software include bug fixes to the bridge scour calculators and the addition of a project mapping module. The scour calculators follow the procedures presented in Hydraulic Engineering Circular 18 (HEC 18), Evaluating Scour at Bridges, Fifth Edition, 2012. The mapping module allows users to identify the location(s) of any analyses conducted within the Hydraulic Toolbox software on a user supplied image or an image taken from current aerial photography (internet connection required). It also allows ground photos to be attached to each analysis location, as needed or desired.

A FHWA Hydraulic Toolbox Desktop Reference Guide is included with the software installation (access via ‘Help’ button on top toolbar) to provide important information on the technical features, capabilities, and limitations of the calculators.

Download Agreement

The Hydraulic Toolbox (Toolbox) is a 32-bit program, but it is fully compatible with 32 and 64-bit Windows-based operating systems (XP, Vista, and Windows 7) and runs in 32-bit mode on these operating systems. When installing the Toolbox, make sure you have permissions on your computer to install programs (usually this requires administrator permissions or a username and password for an administrator account). If you do not have administrator permissions on your account, you need to right-click on the installation program and select the "Run as Administrator" option if running Windows Vista or Windows 7. Windows XP users should login to an account that allows you to install software before installing the Toolbox.

As stated in the FHWA Hydraulics website, by downloading the software, the user is agreeing that they accept responsibility for understanding the following conditions and limitations, and agrees to them:

  • FHWA does not provide user assistance or support for this software.
  • The application of this software is the responsibility of the user. It is imperative that the responsible engineer understands the potential accuracy limitations of the program results, independently cross checks those results with other methods, and examines the reasonableness of the results with engineering knowledge and experience.
  • There are no expressed or implied warranties.

I agree to these conditions, download the software (.zip, 40 mb)

Updated: 06/27/2017
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