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Laws and Regulations

Clean Air Act – Section 202(l) - The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 listed 188 HAPs and addressed the need to control toxic emissions from transportation. Section 202(l) of the Clean Air Act requires EPA to set standards to control hazardous air pollutants from motor vehicles, motor vehicle fuels, or both.  EPA published a rule under this authority in March 2001 that established toxics emissions performance standards for gasoline refiners and committed to additional rulemaking to evaluate the need for and feasibility of additional controls.

USEPA 2001 MSAT Rule - The USEPA identified 21 mobile source air toxic (MSAT) compounds as being hazardous air pollutants that required regulation. A subset of six of these MSAT compounds were identified as having the greatest influence on health and included benzene, 1,3-butadiene, formaldehyde, acrolein, acetaldehyde, and diesel particulate matter (DPM).

USEPA 2007 MSAT Rule - The USEPA provided additional recommendations of compounds having the greatest impact on health. The rule also identified several engine emission certification standards that must be implemented.

National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) - The NEPA requires, to the fullest extent possible, that the policies, regulations, and laws of the Federal Government be interpreted and administered in accordance with its environmental protection goals. The NEPA also requires Federal agencies to use an interdisciplinary approach in planning and decision-making for any action that adversely impacts the environment. The NEPA requires and FHWA is committed to the examination and avoidance of potential impacts to the natural and human environment when considering approval of proposed transportation projects. In addition to evaluating the potential environmental effects, we must also take into account the need for safe and efficient transportation in reaching a decision that is in the best overall public interest. The FHWA policies and procedures for implementing NEPA is prescribed by regulation in 23 CFR § 771.

Updated: 1/31/2017
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