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The purpose of this project is to (insert major deficiency that the project is meant to address) by constructing (insert major elements of the project). This project has been determined to generate minimal air quality impacts for CAAA criteria pollutants and has not been linked with any special MSAT concerns. As such, this project will not result in changes in traffic volumes, vehicle mix, basic project location, or any other factor that would cause an increase in MSAT impacts of the project from that of the no-build alternative.

Moreover, EPA regulations for vehicle engines and fuels will cause overall MSAT emissions to decline significantly over the next several decades. Based on regulations now in effect, an analysis of national trends with EPA's MOBILE6.2 model forecasts a combined reduction of 72 percent in the total annual emission rate for the priority MSAT from 1999 to 2050 while vehicle-miles of travel are projected to increase by 145 percent. This will both reduce the background level of MSAT as well as the possibility of even minor MSAT emissions from this project.

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Updated: 1/31/2017
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