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FHWA and EPA National Near-Road Study Las Vegas


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EPA IAG: RW-69-922499

FHWA IAG: DTFH61-07-X-30015

Period of Performance:

June 1, 2007 to September 30, 2010


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Technical Report Documentation Page

1. Report No. DTFH61-07-X-30015

2. Government Accession No.

3. Recipient's Catalog No.

4. Title and Subtitle

FHWA and EPA National Near-Road Study, Las Vegas

5. Report Date November 2011

6. Performing Organization Code:

EPA IAG: RW-69-922499

7. Author(s) Sue Kimbrough, EPA. Richard C. Shores, EPA. Donald A. Whitaker, EPA

8. Performing Organization Report No.

9. Peforming Organization Name and Address Daniel A. Vallero

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, MD E-205-02

109 TW Alexander Dr.

Research Triangle Park, NC 27711

10. Work Unit No. (TRAIS)

11. Contract or Grant No.


12. Sponsoring Agency Name and Address Office of Natural Environment

Federal Highway Administration

1200 New Jersey Ave., SE

Washington DC 20590

13. Type of Report and Period Covered

Near Road Pollutant Concentration Monitoring. June 1, 2007 to September 30, 2010

14. Sponsoring Agency Code HEPN-1

15. Supplementary Notes The research was conducted by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and overseen by a Near Road Team consisting of many representatives of Federal Highway Administration and EPA. See detailed list in Box 16.

16. Abstract: This report provides a summary of a field study conducted in Las Vegas, NV from mid-December 2008 thru mid-December 2009. The objective of this research study has been to determine Mobile Source Air Toxic (MSAT) concentrations and variations in concentrations as a function of distance from the highway and to establish relationships between MSAT concentrations as related to highway traffic flows including traffic count, vehicle types and speeds, meteorological conditions such as wind speed and wind direction; and other pollutants primarily emitted from motor vehicles. EPA/FHWA Near Road Team Daniel L. Costa, EPA, David D. Kryak, EPA Gayle S.W. Hagler, EPA, Douglas McKinney, EPA James Hirtz, EPA, Carlos Nunez, EPA William Mitchell, EPA, Richard W. Baldauf, EPA Eben Thoma, EPA, Carry W. Croghan, EPA Alan Vette, EPA. Victoria Martinez, FHWA, Karen Perritt, FHWA. Kevin Black, FHWA

17. Key Words Near Road Air Pollution Monitoring, pollutant concentrations, monitoring, Mobile Source Air Toxics (MSAT).

18. Distribution Statement No restrictions. This document is available to the public electronically through the Federal Highway Administration Office of Natural Environment, Washington DC, 20590

19. Security Classif. (of this report) Unclassified

20. Security Classif. (of this page) Unclassified

21. No. of Pages 162

22. Price

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