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CMAQ Project Tracking System User's Guide

4. New Project Entry

To begin entering a new project, first select the project year that corresponds to the Fiscal Year of your CMAQ project data. Press the "Submit" button and you will be presented with an online two page form. You will see a confirmation message that a new project entry with a new CMAQ-ID is created in the database for the state and fiscal year that you have entered. Page number one can be saved for later editing, or you can continue to page number two to continue entering project data. On page number two you can submit project for approval or you can save project for later editing. Project data entry for the first and second pages:

Information Description
State Project ID This required field will pertain most to State users who may have their own system ID number on hand and may want to input that for added search capabilities at a later date.
FMIS Project ID Optional field which will allow users to cross-reference their data with the Financial Management Improvement System (FMIS) through the FMIS ID.
TIP Project ID This required field is an identifier for an MPO's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) project number.
Is this an outreach activity? A Yes/No question
Is this a TCM in an approved SIP? A Yes/No question
Is this a congestion reduction project? A Yes/No question
Does this project include operating assistance? A Yes/No question
MPO This is a required field. System users from MPOs will not see this field.
Is this project located in Non-Attainment/
Maintenance Area?
This is a required field Yes/No question
Project Title This is a required field.
Public-Private Partnership project? This is an optional Yes/No question to use for the reporting category.
Project Reporting Category This is a required field and is meant to place the newly entered CMAQ data in a descriptive category by which reports may be generated and data may be evaluated.
Project Description This allows you to use a description tree tailored to the Project Reporting Category to build the description.
Other Description
Additional comments can be added to this optional field.
CMAQ Capital Amount Required field. Dollar amount of the CMAQ portion of the total project cost for this federal fiscal year.
CMAQ Operating Assistance Amount This is an optional field. If you select "Yes" to the "Does this project include operating assistance?" question on the first page this field is becomes required.
Total Project Cost Required field. Dollar amount of the total cost of the project for this federal fiscal year.
Benefits Estimate of the expected emissions benefit(s) in the first year of operation, measured in kg/day. Volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NOx), particulate matter smaller than 10 microns (PM 10), and particulate matter smaller than 2.5 microns (PM 2.5). At least one benefit must be recorded for the system to accept the project. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions benefits can be reported on a voluntary basis, as we know some areas are analyzing for reduction in greenhouse gases. CO2 emissions benefits should be reported in Metric Tons per Day (MT / day). One MT = 1,000 Kg To convert from carbon to (CO2), multiply by 44/12.
What is the reason for reporting qualitative benefit? Required field if you select a qualitative emission benefit.

After entering all the data select "Submit for Approval" button to submit your project. If the entered data has errors, messages will appear in a red colored box. You must fix the errors in order to submit the project. If the entered data is subject to CMAQ warnings you will see the warnings in a yellow colored box. You do not need to fix the warnings to submit the project. If the project has warnings then you have to select the"Confirm and continue" button in the yellow warning box to submit the project.

Steps to enter a new project:

A new project entry is created in CMAQ database at this time with an assigned CMAQ-ID and a verification message is displayed with the new project information. Keep this information for your records to access the new project in the future.

*Note: When entering project data, be sure to click on either "Save Data and Submit for Approval" or "Save Data for Later Editing" buttons to retain your updated project information.

Updated: 3/17/2016
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