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CMAQ Project Tracking System User's Guide

10. Project Reporting Categories

Travel Demand Management - Parking management, road pricing, fare subsidies

Inspection/Maintenance(I/M) Programs - Inspection & Maintenance projects, transportation control measures, and other projects that don't fit the remaining categories such as alternative fuel facilities, idle reduction facilities, public education and public outreach, block heaters, intermodal freight…

Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities and Programs - Bicycle and pedestrian facilities and programs

Ride Sharing - Car pool/Van pool/carpool matching and related outreach, Park & Ride lots

Congestion Reduction and Traffic Flow Improvements - Intelligent Transportation Systems(ITS), signal retiming, turn lanes, High-Occupancy Vehicle(HOV)

Transit Improvements - Includes projects where CMAQ funds are transferred to Federal Transportation Administration(FTA). Vehicle purchases, facility upgrades, pollution control retrofits, school bus-related projects, "ozone action days" type fare subsidies

STP/CMAQ - Surface Transportation Program type projects funded with minimum apportionment funds [23 USC 149 (c)]. Only minimum apportionment states can use this category.

Advanced Diesel Truck / Engine Technologies -Projects types may include vehicle replacements, engine replacement, engine rebuilding or addition of retrofit devices.

Freight/Intermodal - Projects and programs targeting freight capital costs - rolling stock or ground infrastructure

Alternative Fuels and Vehicles - Projects include alternative fuels, vehicles and alternative fuel delivery systems.


For some types of projects, these categories are not set in stone as there may be overlap between categories. Feel free to add to the Description text area to clarify the way you have categorized the project.

Steps to select a reporting category for projects:

Updated: 4/4/2016
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