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Transportation Conformity: A Basic Guide for State and Local Officials

Project-level Conformity and Hot-spot Analysis

Project-level conformity determinations must be made for Federal highway and transit projects to demonstrate that the project is reflected in a conforming metropolitan transportation plan and TIP. Additionally, as part of these project-level determinations, in carbon monoxide and particulate matter nonattainment and maintenance areas, localized analysis requirements apply for Federally-funded or approved projects. This analysis is called "hot-spot" analysis.

Exhibit 5

Exhibit 5 shows a simplified version of the transportation conformity process for metropolitan transportation plans/TIPs and projects.

Transportation Conformity Process for Metropolitan Transportation Plans/TIPs
Transportation Conformity Process for Projects
Flow chart. Click image for text description.
Shading denotes key interagency consultation points*Does not apply to donut or isolated rural areas
Updated: 3/14/2012
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