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Transportation Conformity Highlights

September 2004

Transportation Conformity Practices in Complex Areas. As reported in August, the EPA released guidance on July 21, 2004 titled: Conformity Implementation in Multi-Jurisdictional Nonattainment and Maintenance Areas. This guidance can be found at: To provide additional assistance for these complex, multi-jurisdictional areas, the FHWA has completed a study of current transportation conformity practices in these types of areas. This study documents how conformity determinations and regional emissions analyses are being done in multi-State nonattainment/maintenance areas, multi-MPO nonattainment/maintenance areas, nonattainment/maintenance areas with "donut" areas, and MPOs with multiple nonattainment/maintenance areas for the same pollutant. The results of this study can be found at:

Transportation Conformity Domestic Scan Report. In 2002, FHWA conducted a Transportation Conformity domestic scan to identify good practices among a select number of nonattainment and maintenance areas for meeting the transportation conformity requirements. Six areas were highlighted in the scan: Pennsylvania; Raleigh, NC; Dallas-Ft.Worth, TX; Atlanta, GA; Tampa, FL; and Nashville, TN. The Domestic Scan Report is now available in hard copy and at: For copies, please contact: Cecilia Ho at 202-366-9862.

EPA Posts Complete Text of the Conformity Rule. In late August, EPA posted the complete text of the new conformity rule. This document provides the entire text of the conformity rule so that users do not have to refer to both the 1997 and 2004 final rules. A complete set of proposed and final rules is still needed in order to have access to all of the preamble language. The document may be found at: You will need to either cut and paste the URL into your browser or go to the conformity page, click on Regulations and then click on the link to this document.

Transportation Conformity Training Materials Available. EPA posted both PDF and PowerPoint or WordPerfect versions of the training materials used in all five of the transportation conformity training sessions they conducted this summer. The documents can be found at: You will need to either cut and paste the URL into your browser or go to the conformity page, click on 2004 Conformity training for the new air quality standards and then click on the Training Materials link.

NHI Course: Estimating Regional Emissions. This course was offered in Austin, Texas on September 14-17, 2004. It is specifically designed for individuals who conduct regional emissions analysis for transportation conformity. For more information see: (link disabled).

NTI Course: Introduction to Transportation Conformity. Courses will be offered in Stockton, CA on October 19-21, Newington, CT on November 8-10; and Memphis, TN on December 14-16. For information and to register go to:

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