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Conformity Lapse / Grace Period

A conformity "lapse" means that the conformity determination for a transportation plan or transportation improvement program has expired, and thus there is no currently conforming plan or transportation improvement program. During a conformity lapse, FHWA and FTA can only make approvals or grants for: Project that are exempt from the conformity process (pursuant to 93.126 and 93.127 of the conformity rule), and Transportation control measures (TCMs) that are included in approved SIPs. Only those project phases that have received approval of the project agreement and transit projects that have received a full funding grant agreement (FFGA), or equivalent approvals, prior to the conformity lapse may proceed during a conformity lapse. The conformity lapse grace period allows an additional 12 months from a missed conformity deadline for the area to correct the problem before a conformity lapse occurs.

Policy & Guidance

Superseded Guidance

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Updated: 1/11/2017
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