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Subject: Transportation Conformity Guidance for Qualitative Hot-spot Analysis in PM2.5 and PM10 Nonattainment and Maintenance Areas

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Merrylin Zaw-Mon, Director
Transportation and Regional Programs Division
Office of Transportation of Air Quality
Environmental Protection Agency

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April Marchese, Director
Office of Natural and Human Environment
Federal Highway Administration

EPA Regional Air Directors
FHWA Division Administrators

Date: March 29, 2006

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) are issuing the attached joint guidance on how to perform qualitative hot-spot analyses in PM2.5 and PM10 nonattainment and maintenance areas. This guidance provides information for State and local agencies to meet the PM2.5 and PM10 hot-spot analysis requirements established in the March 10, 2006, final transportation conformity rule (71 FR 12468).

From this date forward, future qualitative PM2.5 and PM10 hot-spot analyses should be based on today’s new guidance, which supersedes FHWA's existing September 12, 2001, "Guidance for Qualitative Project-Level: Hot-spot Analysis in PM10 Nonattainment and Maintenance Areas." However, any PM10 hot-spot analysis that was started prior to the release of this guidance may be completed with the previous 2001 guidance.

PM2.5 hot-spot analysis that was started prior to the release of EPA and FHWA’s new guidance must meet the March 2006’s final rule requirements, and should meet the new guidance whenever possible.

Please forward the guidance to your State and local air quality and transportation agencies. The guidance directs that people with specific questions concerning a particular nonattainment or maintenance area contact the EPA, FHWA, and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Regional and Division Offices. General questions about the guidance may be directed to: Meg Patulski of EPA at (734) 214-4842; Cecilia Ho of FHWA at (202) 366-9862; or Abbe Marner of FTA at (202) 366-4317.

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