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Interagency Consultation Process

Per the transportation conformity regulation (40CFR 93.105), this document was developed in consultation with the MPO, state air agencies, state and local transportation agencies, EPA, and DOT.

Other PM2.5 Considerations

Construction-related emissions for the project are considered to be temporary, as the construction of each remaining project phases will be less than five years at any one site, meeting the criteria of section 93.123(c)(5). Therefore, these emissions are not required to be analyzed. The EPA has not approved a PM2.5 SIP for the project area, nor has the EPA or the state air agency made any significance findings related to re-entrained road dust for the PM2.5 nonattainment area. Therefore, re-entrained road dust is not considered in the analysis, in accordance with the Conformity Rule. In addition, as there is not an applicable PM2.5 SIP, there are no SIP-mandated PM2.5 control measures, and the project is in compliance with 40 CFR 93.117.


Based on the analysis provided, it is determined that the remaining phases of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge project meet all the project level conformity requirements, and that the project will not cause or contribute to a new violation of the PM2.5 NAAQS, or increase the frequency or severity of a violation for the following reasons:

Updated: 7/6/2011
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