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Transportation Conformity Domestic Scan Report: Use of Latest Planning Assumptions and Transition to MOBILE6

Appendix B - Domestic Scan Discussion Topics for Site Visits

  1. Planning Assumptions - Please identify and describe the major planning assumptions used in your transportation modeling work and conformity analysis. Include a discussion of the general approach to meeting or attaining the national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS) - reliance on regulation and technology, transportation control measures (TCMs), voluntary emission reductions, etc.

  2. Planning Assumption Process & Procedures - Please discuss with us the process and procedures used to identify, develop, and approve planning assumptions. Include in your discussion of organizational structures, assignment of responsibility, delegation of authority, review and/or approval bodies, and public information and/or involvement opportunities.

  3. Planning Assumption and Interagency Consultation - Describe interagency consultation in this region, include how interagency consultation relates to the planning assumption process and procedures described earlier.

  4. Planning Assumption Data Collection and Updating - Please discuss how and by whom the planning assumptions and related data are developed, collected, and/or updated.

  5. Planning Assumption Application and Modeling - Please discuss how, where and by whom planning assumptions are used in your transportation modeling work and conformity analysis. Identify any relevant calibration, validation, and/or measurement information related to the use of the planning assumptions.

  6. Planning Assumption and MOBILE6 - If your agency has used MOBILE6, please discuss any findings or outcomes of the experience, particularly as they relate to planning assumptions. If you have not yet used MOBILE6, please discuss any concerns you might have regarding the use of MOBILE6 as they relate to planning assumptions.

  7. Planning Assumption Documentation - Please discuss how you document your planning assumptions.

  8. Planning Assumption Resources - Please discuss the resources available to you related to planning assumptions including budget (staff, materials, services), intra and inter agency resources, outside services, etc.

  9. Transportation and Air Quality Planning - Please discuss the participation by transportation interests in the development of the SIP in your area. Similarly, discuss the participation of air quality planning interests in the development of transportation plans and TIPs. Include in your discussion any obstacles and/or benefits of participation, including issues related but not limited to timing/schedule, agency review, etc.

  10. Planning Assumptions Practices - Please share with us some examples of practical experiences and subsequent outcomes related to planning assumptions. Some examples might include, but are not limited to the following:

    • What are some of the successes you have had that might be of benefit or serve as model examples to other areas of the country?
    • Have you had any experiences that you would use to caution other areas of the country?
    • Have you had any major surprises in model outcomes based on planning assumptions and how were they addressed/resolved?
    • What has been the most difficult aspect of developing planning assumptions and how have you dealt with them?
    • Have you developed any innovations that might have application elsewhere?
    • What processes have you used to improve the planning assumption identification, development, and/or application?
    • Do you have examples of ways to maximize resources and/or limit costs related to planning assumptions?
    • How has the interagency consultation improved or impeded planning assumptions?
    • Have you had any significant controversies related to planning assumptions and how did you resolve them?
    • Have you encountered any major issues with the introduction of MOBILE6 and how are/have you successfully dealt with those issues?
Updated: 7/6/2011
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