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Transportation Conformity Domestic Scan Report: Use of Latest Planning Assumptions and Transition to MOBILE6

Appendix C - Transportation Conformity Domestic Scan Participants

Pennsylvania Scan Participants
August 15, 2002

Mike Baker, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Larry Budney, Environmental Protection Agency Region 3
James Cheatham, FHWA Pennsylvania Division Administrator
Gary Davies, Urbitran Associates (PennDOT consultant)
Carlos Gonzales, Federal Highway Administration - PA
Joe Gurinko, Lehigh Valley MPO
Mike Herron, Federal Highway Administration - PA
Bob Kaiser, Michael Baker & Associates, Inc. (PennDOT consultant)
Gaye Liddick, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Abbe Marner, Federal Transit Administration - HQ
Bob Momich, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Jim Mosca, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Walt Panko, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Linda Shifflet, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Arlene Shulman, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Matt Smoker, Federal Highway Administration - PA
Alfred Sundara, Tri-County Regional Planning Commission
Brian Trowbridge, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Lisa Wassel, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Dan Walston, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Raleigh, North Carolina Scan Participants
September 10, 2002

Scott Lane, Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO)
Behshad Norowzi, North Carolina Department of Transportation
Jill Vitas, North Carolina Department of the Environment and Natural Resources
Lisa Grosshandler, North Carolina Department of the Environment and Natural Resources
Sheila Holman, North Carolina Department of the Environment and Natural Resources
Heather J. Hildebrandt, North Carolina Department of the Environment and Natural Resources
Loretta Barren, Federal Highway Administration - NC
Roger Krahl, Federal Transit Administration, Atlanta
Joseph Cotton, Federal Highway Administration - NC
Kelly Sheckler, Environmental Protection Agency-Region 4
Joe Stevens, Federal Highway Administration - NC
David Hyder, North Carolina Department of Transportation
Ed Johnson, City of Raleigh Department of Transportation

Dallas - Ft. Worth, Texas Scan Participants
November 4, 2002

Jose M. Campos, Federal Highway Administration - TX
David B. Jodray, North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG)
Rob Kafalenos, Federal Highway Administration - TX
Chris Klaus, North Central Texas Council of Governments
Margie McAllister, Texas Commission Environmental Quality
Michael Morris, North Central Texas Council of Governments
John Sweek, Federal Transit Administration, Texas
Peggy Wade, Environmental Protection Agency, Region 6

Atlanta, Georgia Scan Participants
November 5, 2002

David Haynes, Atlanta Regional Commission
Tom Weyandt, Atlanta Regional Commission
Susie Dunn, Atlanta Regional Commission
Tracy Clymer, Atlanta Regional Commission
Jane Hayse, Atlanta Regional Commission
Kelly Sheckler, EPA Region 4 - Atlanta
Lewis Jones, King & Spaulding
Tony Dittmeier, Federal Transit Administration
Emily Tait, Federal Highway Administration
Judy Dovers, Atlanta Regional Council
Jon Morton, Georgia Environmental Protection Division
Joel Stone, Atlanta Regional Commission
Heather Alhadeff, Atlanta Regional Commission
Roger Krahl, Federal Transit Administration
Guy Rousseau, Atlanta Regional Commission
Bert Lewis, Atlanta Regional Commission
Peng Yne, Georgia Department of Transportation
Cora Cook, Georgia Department of Transportation
Loraine Vance, Cobb County Department of Transportation
Dania Aponte, Georgia Regional Transportation Authority
Vincent Edwards, Gwinnett County Department of Transportation
Daniel Drake, State Road and Tollway Authority
Marta Rosen, Georgia Department of Transportation
Cedric Clark, Georgia Department of Transportation

Tampa, Florida Scan Participants
April 29, 2003

Reginald Sanford, Environmental Protection Commission, Tampa
Jerry Campbell, Environmental Protection Commissions, Tampa
Peter Hessling, Pinellas County Department of Environmental Management
Sharon Dent, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit
Louis Fernandez, Florida Department Environmental Protection
Richard McElveen, Florida Department Environmental Protection
Rich Clarendon, Hillsborough County MPO
Ramon Solis, Pinellas County MPO
Sarah Ward, Pinellas County MPO
Steve Love, Florida Department of Transportation
Lucie Ayer, Hillsborough County MPO
Ronnie Blackshear, Hillsborough County MPO
Joe Zambito, Hillsborough County MPO
Cathy Kendall, Federal Highway Administration - FL
Lynorea Benjamin, Environmental Protection Agency-Region 4

Nashville, Tennessee Scan Participants
May 1, 2003

Eric Beyer, Regional Transit Authority
Angie Midgett, Tennessee Department of Transportation
Fred Huggins, Metro Public Health Department, Pollution Control Division
Rob Raney, Metro Public Health Department, Pollution Control Division
Jeanne Stevens, Nashville Area MPO
Matt Meservy, Nashville Area MPO
Jane Craig, Tennessee Department of Transportation
Theresa Hutchins, Federal Highway Administration - TN
Lynorea Benjamin, Environmental Protection Agency-Region 4

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