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Modifying Link-Level Emissions Modeling Procedures for Applications within the MOVES Framework

Appendix A

Electronic Files Submitted

In addition to this report, ERG is also providing all of the MOVES input databases, output databases, and runspecs generated for during the course of this study. We have also included the spreadsheet Converter Tools we used in developing model inputs, the XML import specifications used to populate the County Data Manager input databases, as well as the batch files used to process both the XML importer files and the MOVES runspecs themselves.

The input and output databases provided were copied directly from the C:\MySQL\data directory on ERG's MOVES server. These databases consist of several MySQL database files with a variety of extensions (.MYI, .MYD, .FRM, and .OPT files). Each input and output database is contained in its own subfolder. The nomenclature used for the MOVES files followed a convention of dot_county06_activitytypevmt_extension, with possible variations as follows:

Please refer to Table 2-10 in Section 2.4 of this report for a listing of Converter Tool spreadsheets associated with inputs provided to the MOVES county data manager.

In addition to the above, we are providing spreadsheets (KCupdateddriveschedule.xls, KCupdateddrivescheduleassoc.xls, and KCupdateddriveschedulesecond.xls) containing our modified drive cycles based on our previous Kansas City project. We have also provided text files, based on the spreadsheets listed above, used to import drive cycles directly into MOVES. These include LoadSchedTables.sql, a simple SQL script used to manually load the drive cycles, KCdriveschedules1 20100611 1036.sql, a SQL Administrator backup script that can be used to REPLACE the default drive cycles in MOVES with our Kansas City based cycles, and backup_original_driveschedule_tables 20100607 0959.sql, a SQL Administrator backup script that can be used to RESTORE the default drive cycles in MOVES to their original state.

Updated: 7/6/2011
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