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Sample Methodologies for Regional Emissions Analysis in Small Urban and Rural Areas

6 Resources

Resources on Regional Emissions Analysis Methodologies

2000 Highway Capacity Manual, Transportation Research Board, Washington D.C., 2000.

Analysis of Traffic Growth Rates, M.L. Barrett, R.C. Graves, D.L. Allen, J.G. Pigman, G. Abu-Lebdeh, L. Aultman-Hall, S.T. Bowling, University of Kentucky Transportation Center, August 2001.

Development of On-Road Mobile Source Emission Inventories for Rural Counties, G. B. Dresser, D. G. Perkinson, Texas Transportation Institute, May 2001.

HERS-ST v20: Highway Economic Requirements System - State Version Technical Report, FWHA, November 17, 2003. Online at:

Highway Speed Estimation for MOBILE6, Bob Bostrom and Jesse Mayes, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, 2002.

Planning Techniques to Estimate Speeds and Service Volumes for Planning Applications, NCHRP Report 387, Transportation Research Board, Dowling, R.; Kittelson, W; Zegeer, J.; Skabardonis, A, 1997.

Rural Conformity: A Survey of Practice, NCHRP, Project 08-36, Task 28, ICF Consulting and Sarah J. Siwek & Associates, October 2003.

Vehicle Miles of Travel Projections and Speed Estimates for Rural Nonattainment and Maintenance Areas, John Gardner, South Carolina Department of Transportation, presented at Southern Transportation and Air Quality Summit, October 2001, Atlanta, Ga.

General Resources on Conformity Requirements, Guidance, and Training

Conformity Requirements: Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR Parts 51 and 93)

Transportation Conformity: A Basic Guide for State and Local Officials, U.S. Federal Highway Administration, Revised June 19, 2000.

Transportation Conformity Reference Guide. Federal Highway Administration (last updated July, 2001)

Clean Air Act (42 USC 7401-7671q)

SIP Requirements

National Transit Institute (NTI) Course on Introduction to Transportation/Air Quality Conformity:

National Highway Institute (NHI) Course on Estimating Regional Mobile Source Emissions

Other FHWA/EPA Conformity Resources, including Transportation Conformity Community of Practice:

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