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Strategic Plan for Particulate Matter Research: 2005-2010

5. Low-priority Research Topics

This section lists research topic areas considered low priorities by workshop participants and transportation participants of the workshop. Recommendations are listed here for completeness, but are not described further due to their low priority. For more information on these research recommendations, please see Tamura et al. (2005) and McCarthy et al. (2005). These low-priority research topics are summarized in Table 8.

Table 8. Low priority research issues.

Research issue Monitoring Characterization Emissions Modeling Controls Recommendation number from Literature Assessment (Tamura et al., 2005). Also available in Table 1 in this document.
L.1. Support air quality model evaluation and improvements   X       LA-5
L.2. Collect exhaust emissions for non-gross-emitters     X     LA-7
L.3. Develop guidance to simultaneously address different air quality and transportation goals         X LA-20
L.4. Determine the contribution of mobile sources to ambient PM concentrations   X       LA-6
L.5. Develop hot-spot models for ultrafine models       X   LA-17
L.6. Provide adequate data to support air quality model evaluation and improvements   X       LA-4
L.7. Evaluation dilution of condensable PM mass     X     LA-10
L.7. Improve understanding of ultrafine particles in vehicle exhaust     X     LA-11
L.7. Ensure that hot-spot and air quality model boundary conditions match emission models       X   LA-15
Updated: 7/6/2011
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