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Bicycle-Pedestrian Count Technology Pilot Project

Improving data resources to support bicycle and pedestrian investments is a focus area for FHWA. The Bicycle-Pedestrian Count Technology Pilot Project is a research and technology deployment effort to identify organizational and technical capacity needs at MPOs, develop resources for addressing these needs, and transfer lessons learned across the country. The end result will increase the capacity of Metropolitan Planning Organizations to establish and operate bicycle and pedestrian counting programs. The project is being conducted with the direct participation of ten MPOs with other interested MPOs shadowing the project.

The project will fund the purchase of a limited number of automatic counters that will be used to collect counts of bicyclists and pedestrians at various locations within each MPO planning area, and will provide limited funds to compensate some of the cost of staff time to initiate and oversee a counting program for deploying the counters, collecting counts, and analyzing the results. The participating MPOs will have access to a series of internal webinars and other technical assistance opportunities. The MPOs will collect bicycle and pedestrian counts over a period of one year and will share their data and experiences with FHWA. Based on that experience, FHWA will develop case studies, training materials and other resources to increase the ability of MPOs to collect and use bicycle and pedestrian count data.

For more information on the Bicycle-Pedestrian Count Technology Pilot Project, contact Dan Goodman (, 202-366-9064) or Jeremy Raw (, 202-366-0986).

The MPOs directly participating in the project include:

The final Summary Report: FHWA Bicycle-Pedestrian Count Technology Pilot Project is available as of December 2016. Technical resources developed during the project include slide shows and webinar recordings, may be found at the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center.

Other resources that may be of interest to agencies establishing count programs include the following:

Updated: 12/23/2016
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