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Interim Report to the U.S. Congress on the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program SAFETEA-LU Section 1807

Appendix B: Congressional Conference Report

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House Bill

Sec. 1122(b).
This section establishes two new programs--a Safe Routes to School Program and a Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program.

Subsection (b) establishes a Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program to construct a network of nonmotorized transportation infrastructure facilities in four communities to demonstrate the extent to which bicycling and walking can carry a significant part of the transportation load. This program is designed to develop the statistical information necessary to properly evaluate the impact of investments in nonmotorized travel and increases in pedestrian and bicycle trips on congestion, energy usage, clean air and public health. It recognizes that only complete, comprehensive and connected networks of nonmotorized transportation facilities will provide the opportunity for the pedestrian and bicycle usage needed for the measurement of impacts.

In making grants, the Secretary may select public agencies that are suitably equipped and organized to carry out the requirements of this subsection. An agency that receives a grant under this subsection may work with and provide grant funds to a nonprofit organization to assist in carrying out the program.

Senate Bill
No comparable provision in Senate bill.

Conference Substitute
The Conference adopts the House provision with a modification to name four communities to carry out the pilot program. The Minnesota Department of Transportation shall provide funds for the Minneapolis nonmotorized pilot program grant to Transit for Livable Communities.

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Updated: 12/10/2014
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