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Designing Sidewalks and Trails for Access

Part II of II: Best Practices Design Guide

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September 2001

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The PDF version of this document replicates the 2001 printed version and does not incorporate corrections in the Errata sheet. The HTML version includes the corrections in the Errata sheet.

Title (1.7 MB)

Table of Contents (524 KB)

Chapter 1 Introduction (546 KB)
Chapter 2 Understanding Sidewalk and Trail Users (1.4 MB)
Chapter 3 Integrating Pedestrians into the Project Planning Process (753 KB)
Chapter 4 Sidewalk Corridors (14.5 MB)
Chapter 5 Driveway Crossings (1.4 MB)
Chapter 6 Providing Information to Pedestrians (38.1 MB)
Chapter 7 Curb Ramps (4 MB)
Chapter 8 Pedestrian Crossings (4 MB)
Chapter 9 Traffic Calming (5 MB)
Chapter 10 Sidewalk Maintenance and Construction Site Safety (818 KB)
Chapter 11 Sidewalk Assessment (2.4 MB)
Chapter 12 Trail Planning (7.6 MB)
Chapter 13 Universal Trail Assessment Process (736 KB)
Chapter 14 Shared-Use Path Design (1 MB)
Chapter 15 Recreation Trail Design (7.8 MB)
Chapter 16 Trail Crossings (1.1 MB)
Chapter 17 Specialized Trails (6.1 MB)
Chapter 18 Trail Maintenance (620 KB)
Chapter 19 Research Recommendations (495 KB)
Appendix A Sidewalk Assessment Process Forms (2 MB)
Appendix B Sidewalk Accessibility Checklist (1.8 MB)
Appendix C Contact Information (1.7 MB)
Appendix D Detectable Warning Manufacturers (1.7 MB)
Appendix E Slope Conversion Chart (1.7 MB)
Appendix F Abbreviations and Acronyms (1.7 MB)
Appendix G Glossary (1.7 MB)
Appendix H Bibliography (1.9 MB)
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