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Designing Sidewalks and Trails for Access

Part II of II: Best Practices Design Guide

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Identify a place to perform the assessment walk. If you are completing the checklist as a group, try brainstorming collectively to identify important pedestrian routes throughout your community. If you are completing the checklist as an individual, you might want to focus on routes you use regularly, such as from your house to the bus stop. Your walk should be no longer than six blocks.

Complete the contact information and review the checklist questions before you begin your walk. In addition to this form, you may want to bring a notebook, camera and/or sketch pad to record additional information, and a map of the area to mark your route.

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Contact Information

Name: ________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

City: ________________ State: ________________ Zip: _______________________

Phone: _____________________ Email: ____________________________________

Gender: male/female Age: ________________________________________________

Description of Disability (if any): ___________________________________________

Type of Assistive Technology (if any): _______________________________________

Location of Route: ______________________________________________________



If you are not able to answer yes to a question, check as many problems as are applicable. In addition, please note the approximate locations where you encountered each problem.

  1. Did you have enough room to walk safely?
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  1. Could you easily negotiate the sidewalk grades and cross slopes?
  1. Was the surface easy to walk on?
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  1. Were the curb ramps easy to use?
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  1. Was it easy to cross streets?
  1. Was your walk pleasant?
Updated: 2/10/2014
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