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Climate change impacts, such as more frequent and intense heat waves and flooding, threaten the considerable federal investment in transportation infrastructure. Given the long life span of transportation assets, planning for system preservation and safe operation under current and future conditions constitutes responsible risk management. Summary of FHWA Climate Adaptation Work: Building Climate Resilient Transportation (also in PDF, 2.8MB).

Photo of a flooded highway interchange.
Photo credit: Iowa DOT

thumbnail map of pilot programs area

Climate Resilience Pilots

Information on FHWA pilot projects working with states and regions to assess climate vulnerabilities and analyze adaptation options.

Photo of a sea cliff side road.

International Practices on Climate Adaptation in Transportation (January 2015) - (PDF 2.2 MB)

Presents leading practices in climate adaptation from abroad that may be useful to US transportation agencies.

Thumbnail of Adaption flow chart.

Adaptation Framework

FHWA's online guide for transportation agencies to assess their vulnerability to climate change, with tools, resources, key steps, videos, and in-practice examples.

Photo of broken rubble on a road.

FHWA Order 5520

States that it is FHWA policy to integrate consideration of climate and extreme weather risks into its planning, operations, policies and programs.

Photo of a body of water with grass and trees in the background.

Green Infrastructure Techniques for Coastal Highway Resilience

This project is investigating nature-based techniques that could be implemented as part of highway and bridge planning, design, maintenance and construction.

thumbnail map of the Gulf Coast

Climate Resilience Tools and Gulf Coast Study

The groundbreaking U.S. DOT Gulf Coast Study produced tools and lessons learned that transportation agencies across the country can use to assess vulnerabilities and build resilience. Phase 2 completed in 2015.

Updated: 5/24/2016
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