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Critter Crossings: Linking Habitats and Reducing Roadkill


WHO can benefit from this web site?
Everyone interested in protecting wildlife along highways and the habitats that sustain them.

WHAT are the issues?
Roads are the arteries of life. They get us where we want to go. They also stop animals in their tracks - often dead in their tracks.

WHERE does Critter Crossings fit in?
The web site describes transportation's impacts on wildlife and highlights exemplary projects and processes that are helping to reduce these impacts.

WHY has the Federal Highway Administration developed Critter Crossings?
"President Clinton has made protecting the environment one of his top priorities," says Kenneth R. Wykle, FHWA Administrator. "The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century - TEA-21 - offers an unprecedented opportunity for us to reduce highway impacts on wildlife." In our 1999 Strategic Plan, we commit ourselves to environmental stewardship - to protecting and enhancing the natural environment and communities affected by highway transportation. In the Plan, we also pledge to build and strengthen the partnerships that enable this to happen.


The text was written by Ginny Finch under the direction of the Office of Natural Environment. The author thanks Jim Shrouds, Fred Bank, Paul Garrett, Eliane Janzegers, Noreen Bowles, Gary Evink, and Dennis Unsworth for their help and encouragement.

Cover Illustration: Helen Dull, Florida Department of Transportation
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