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Idaho Transportation/Wildlife Database


Graphic of a color coded map distiguising land ownership.
Example showing how linkage areas are depicted.

Wildlife Database
Idaho has recently completed a Statewide study of wildlife habitat linkage areas for the entire State highway system. The study was collaborated between the State DOT and a range of Federal and State resource and land management agencies. Idaho Fish and Game Department acted as project manager for the study in addition to providing the expertise and in-depth knowledge of their conservation officers and other staff. Data was collected from a series of workshops held around the State. Knowledge of State maintenance workers, Fish and Game biologists and conservation officers, NGO's, and others was pooled, recorded and plotted in a GIS format. A computer model refined the raw data, generating wildlife linkage areas. Results reveal areas of wildlife concerns, including information on the species, known concerns, relative importance and the areal extent of linkage and occurrence areas. The final results are publically available to registered users:

The information obtained can be used by wildlife and transportation agency personnel to identify areas of concern in corridor planning and early project development, and wildlife habitat areas. The results of the study will serve as a basis for further work and identify locations where more site-specific studies are needed in the future.

Road kill database
A road kill database was also created to gather information on wildlife mortality on highways across the State. Agency staff and interested members of the public can report road kills, including the type and locations. An individual wishing to report a road kill can record information on species, number of individuals, gender and estimated age of animals if known, state of decomposition, and the highways and milepost location. The information over time will reflect "hotspot" areas for wildlife on roads across the State. Registered individuals wishing to report a road kill may go to:

Updated: 12/16/2015
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