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2003 Environmental Excellence Awards

For Excellence in Recycling

City of Los Angeles, Dept. of Public Works, Bureau of Street Services
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Petrochem Marketing, Inc.
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Project Contributors

Department of Public Works

  • Bureau of Street Services
    William A. Robertson | Thomas W. Thomas | Dennis E. Harding | Jon Brock | Gene Alvarado, Sr.
  • General Services Department
    Ricardo Villacorta | Papkin Hovasapian

Petrochem Marketing, Inc.
Michael Burris

Pre-mixed, rubberized slurry seal and recycled tires

The Bureau of Street Services (BSS) with Petrochem has created a public/private partnership that improves street preservation through the use of a pre-mixed, rubberized slurry seal from recycled tires. Slurry seal projects that would take weeks to complete under the conventional method are now completed within eight hours. 25,935 tires are used for every 100 miles of streets slurry sealed. This partnership provides for a uniform, consistent product that can be delivered on site by equipment that provides easier application and greater mobility. This innovative and effective premixed, rubberized product has economic and environmental advantages, while extending the life of our valuable infrastructure. The process and product is now a Bureau of Street Services preventative maintenance standard. This innovative recycled product demonstrates how organizations can come together with their practical knowledge and experience and develop a product that benefits the general public and enhances the environment.

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Updated: 10/24/2012
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