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2003 Environmental Excellence Awards

For Excellence in Roadside Resource

Washington State Department of Transportation
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Project Contributors

Resource Manual Advisory Team
Dick Albin | Michelle Anderson | Clayton Belmont | Mike Horton | Rick Gifford | Judy Lorenzo | Mark Maurer | Jim McDonald | Becky Michaliszyn | Dave Peterson | Nicole Ribreau | Russ Rosenthal (retired) | Sandy Salisbury | Dan Sarles | Ken Schlatter | Paul Wagner | Ray Willard | Steve Yach

Roadside Classification Plan Team
Sally Anderson | Karin Beij | John Conrad | Randy Hain | Denny Jackson | Hans Littooy (retired) | Mark Maurer | Nicole Ribreau | Larry Rus (retired) | Gerry Smith (retired) | Brian Ziegler

Roadside Classification Plan and Roadside Manual

Washington State Department of Transportation staff prepared the Roadside Classification Plan to provide a framework for consistent, proactive roadside management statewide, and to facilitate cost-effective restoration of state roadsides. The plan establishes roadside character classifications and assigns treatment levels for each classification that guide planning, design, construction, and maintenance for the roadside. The plan contains many elements that will help achieve sustainable roadside functions including guidelines for roadside restoration, use of native plants, integrated vegetation management, and the creation and use of 20-year Roadside Master Plans. The Roadside Manual builds on the Classification Plan by providing methods to implement the practices on the ground. The manual provides instructions for planners, designers, construction personnel, and maintenance personnel. Both of these roadside management tools show how an integrated, coordinated effort within an agency can promote and provide practices for sustainable, cost effective, safe, and high quality roadside environments.

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