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2005 Environmental Excellence Awards

For Excellence in Air Quality Improvement:

SouthWest Station, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

The SouthWest Station provides a unique pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented, and environmentally sensitive development at the gateway to the City of Eden Prairie. This project is strategically located near two major freeways and provides more than a traditional transit bus station. The 21-acre site includes park and ride facilities, restaurants, retail businesses, offices, and housing units. The ideal location and high level of transit service results in the elimination of 1,630 single-occupant vehicle trips per day and a carbon monoxide emissions reduction of 474 kilograms per day. This premier station integrates environmental concerns into the project, by providing for a community park and trail system in the surrounding natural areas, while ensuring the design of the facility minimizes the time it takes for transit vehicles to enter and exit the site. The final design includes an exclusive busway exit tunnel and busway entry lane, first of its kind in the State, designed for easy access into and off of the adjacent interchanges. The success of the SouthWest Station can truly by attributed to the strong partnerships established by all parties to utilize a prime setting outfitted with a high quality and attractive facility that provides comfort and convenience for the transit riders and promotes air quality benefits.

Project Contributors:

  • SouthWest Metro Transit Commission
    Len Simich | Bob Worthington
  • North American Properties
    Jay Scott
  • Ernst Associates
    Gene Ernst
  • City of Eden Prairie
    Mike Franzen | David Lindahl
  • Walker Parking Consultants
    Richard Kenney | Terry Hakkola
  • Knutson Construction
    Larry Doran
  • Kirk Program Management
    Ron Kirk
  • LSA Design, Inc.
    Jim Lasher | Kyle Williams
  • Minnesota Department of TransportationRJM Construction
    Joe Maddy
  • Metropolitan Council

photo of a house and garden

photo of an office building

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