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2005 Environmental Excellence Awards

For Excellence in Scenic Byways:

North Calolina's Scenic Byway Program

North Carolina's Scenic Byways Program offers visitors a unique way to see and learn about some of the State's most breathtaking scenery. The Byways program is well-managed and includes a strong educational component that increases the awareness of North Carolina's scenic byways and their importance to the communities that support them. The DOT's Scenic Byways Teacher's Guide emphasizes the importance of teaching North Carolina's youth about the pristine natural environment and intrinsic cultural history along the State's roadways. The program's materials and hands-on lesson plans and activities help educators and students gain a greater knowledge of North Carolina's byways while providing a tremendous resource about geographical, historical, and cultural significance. Scenic Byways provide an escape from the ordinary, and a retreat into the beautiful and culturally unique history and environment of North Carolina. North Carolina is the sixth most visited State in the nation, with eighty-four percent of visitors traveling by car. What better way to enjoy this beautiful State, than on its scenic byways. This successful and comprehensive program, protects scenic byways for future generations to enjoy.

Project Contributors:

  • North Carolina Department of Transportation
    Don Lee | Jeff Lackey | Helen Landi
photo of a two lane road and trees
photo of the teacher's guide photo of the teacher's guide
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