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2009 Environmental Excellence Awards

For Excellence in Cultural and Historical Resources: Minnesota Historic Bridge Management Program of the Minnesota Department of Transportation

Agencies Awarded

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) – Minnesota Division

Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT)

University of Minnesota – Center for Changing Landscapes

Mead and Hunt


HNTB and ONE Consulting

URS Corporation

The Minnesota Historic Bridge Management Program demonstrates Mn/DOT's commitment to excellence in cultural and historical resource preservation. The program began over 25 years ago with the completion of historical contexts to guide the evaluation of bridges in the State and the subsequent evaluation and identification of 250 bridges with historical significance, 33 of which were owned by the State. Mn/DOT worked closely with the Minnesota SHPO to identify candidates for long-term preservation and to develop individual management plans for the 24 selected structures. Mn/DOT also provided local transportation agencies with generalized historic bridge management that could help guide preservation and restoration of the over 200 locally owned historic bridges. The Minnesota SHPO recognized Mn/DOT's extensive effort and agreed to streamline the environmental review process for all nonhistoric bridges, thereby decreasing the cost and delays for 5,000 potential bridge improvement projects. The Minnesota Historic Bridge Management Program promotes a deeper commitment to the preservation of the State's distinguished engineering heritage while expediting the environmental review process.

Project Contributors:

FHWA – Minnesota Division
Cheryl Martin
Mn/DOT Cultural Resources Unit
Kristen Zschomler
Jacqueline Sluss
Garneth Peterson
Teresa Martin
Mn/DOT Bridge Office
Daniel Dorgan
Jim Lilly, Engineer
Mn/DOT – District 1
Gus Peterson
Minnesota SHPO
Dennis Gimmestad
Kelly Gragg-Johnson
Mead and Hunt
Amy Squiteri
Robert Frame
Daniel Pratt, Historical
HNTB and ONE Consulting
Steve Olson
URS Corporation
Mark Maves

Photos of Minnesota historical bridges post-work and during preservation construction.

Updated: 10/25/2012
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