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2011 Environmental Excellence Awards

For Excellence in Air Quality Improvement and Global Climate Change

Agencies Awarded:

City of Portland, Oregon – Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT)

Portland Streetcar, Inc.

Project Contributors:

Vicky Diede and Greg Jones

Portland Streetcar, Inc.
Carter McNichol

Photos: © Portland Streetcar, Inc.

For Excellence in Air Quality Improvement and Global Climate Change

Portland Streetcar Loop Project

The Portland Streetcar Loop Project is a 3.4-mile extension of the existing and highly successful Portland Streetcar system, which operates on the west side of the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. When completed in 2012, streetcar tracks, stops, and service will extend from the Pearl District in northwest Portland across the Broadway Bridge to the east side of the Central City area and as far south as the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Serving approximately 12,000 Portland riders each weekday, streetcars produce no emissions and are recognized for decreasing noise in urban environments. To further reduce the environmental impact, Portland purchased a renewable power source to operate its streetcars. Funds from the Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program were transferred to the Streetcar Loop Project to construct new sidewalks on the west side of Grand Avenue at the Hawthorne and Morrison bridgeheads. These improvements have been a high priority for Central Eastside residents and businesses as the new sidewalks will enhance the pedestrian environment by improving connectivity and providing access to buses and streetcars. The Portland Streetcar Loop Project supports the continued development of a high-quality, livable urban environment in Portland by reaching new density areas, reducing auto trips, and delivering safe, clean, cost-effective transit services.

A photograph of a workman grinding the edge of the loop's concrete bed A photograph of a curved, unfinished section of the loop bed from above

Updated: 11/1/2012
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