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2013 Environmental Excellence Awards

Collaboration and Partnership

Project Title

Moses Creek Wetland Restoration: A Collaborative Opportunity to Restore Wetland Functions in an Urban Setting

Agencies Awarded

City of Stevens Point

  • John Gardner

University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, Schmeeckle Reserve

  • Jim Buchholz, Ron Zimmerman

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

  • Chris Knotts

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

  • Tony Fischer

Wisconsin Department of Transportation

  • Kevin Garrigan, Janet Smith, Jeff Stewart

Project Contributors


  • Bruce Gerland

Earth, Inc.

  • Dan Deboer, Dan Tomfordy

Quest, LLC

  • Brian Kronstedt

Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.

  • Jon Gumtow

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation's (WisDOT) Moses Creek wetland restoration project is the result of remarkable collaboration among State, Federal, and local agencies; consulting firms; the City of Stevens Point; the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point; and community groups. Together, this coalition was able to return Moses Creek, a small channelized stream, to its historic natural condition. Throughout the restoration process, WisDOT actively involved stakeholders and agencies by using an innovative and collaborative approach. Student involvement, environmental education courses, recreational access, and interpretive signage all helped build and maintain community involvement. WisDOT relied heavily on input from the staff of Schmeeckle Reserve, the location of the mitigation site, in planning the aesthetic, educational, and recreational aspects of the project's design. As the lead agency for the restoration project, WisDOT's responsibilities included coordinating meetings with stakeholders, facilitating design and construction, disseminating data, briefing partners, and informing the public throughout the Moses Creek Project.

As a result of WisDOT's efforts, the newly restored creek meets the diverse needs of the many stakeholders involved in its restoration, while also providing high-quality wildlife and plant habitat. The success of the Moses Creek Wetland Restoration Project demonstrates the value of collaboration and partnership in the transportation planning process.

Photo of a trail.
The restored Moses Creek includes a boardwalk and signage.
Photo: WisDOT

Photo of woods and a creek.
The newly restored creek provides high-quality wildlife and plant habitat.
Photo: WisDOT

Updated: 7/25/2013
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