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2013 Environmental Excellence Awards

Ecosystems, Habitat, and Wildlife

Project Title

Indiana Bat Programmatic Conservation Memorandum of Agreement

Agencies Awarded

Federal Highway Administration, Kentucky Division

  • Anthony Goodman

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

  • Andrew Logsdon, David Waldner

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Kentucky Field Office

  • Virgil Lee Andrews, Jr., Phillip DeGarmo

The Indiana Bat Programmatic Conservation Memorandum of Agreement provides a standard approach for biological surveys and assessments in Kentucky. This agreement will significantly reduce the time and expense of consultations and provide options for compliance with the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The new programmatic process goes beyond project-level mitigation to provide recovery-based conservation benefits for the Indiana bat in the form of habitat protection and restoration; and priority monitoring and research projects. Most importantly, the agreement ensures that ecosystem and habitat concerns are integrated into the earliest stages of planning and project development to avoid and minimize impacts. This new approach also provides collateral conservation benefits not directly related to the Indiana bat, such as the acquisition of large tracts of refuge land.

The Programmatic Conservation Memorandum of Agreement aims to yield meaningful benefits for the environment at a landscape scale by incorporating concern for ecosystems, habitat, and wildlife into the planning and project development process. Accomplishing these goals required collaboration between the Federal Highway Administration Kentucky Division, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Kentucky Field Office.

photo of a small bat
The Indiana bat (shown here) is an ESA-listed species with habitat in Kentucky.
Photo: FHWA Kentucky Division

Updated: 7/23/2013
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