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2013 Environmental Excellence Awards

Environmental Leadership

2013 Environmental Excellence Awards

Environmental Leadership

Project Title

Cleveland Innerbelt Green 7

Agency Awarded

Ohio Department of Transportation

  • Craig Hebebrand, Tom Hyland, David Lastovka, Matthew Perlik

Project Contributors

Federal Highway Administration, Office of Natural Environment

  • Michael Culp

Federal Highway Administration, Ohio Division

  • Leigh Oesterling, Neosha Price

HDR, Inc.

HNTB Corporation

  • Cory Daly, Dan Syrus

Walsh Construction

  • Scott Febus, John Tracy

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) proved itself as a national leader in promoting sustainable transportation activities through the completion of the Cleveland Innerbelt Bridge, a large design-build project over the Cuyahoga River Valley in Cleveland, Ohio. During construction of the bridge, ODOT established seven categories of sustainability goals, known collectively as the Green 7. The Green 7 categories are: Energy and Energy Efficiency, Community Environment, Green Building, Waste Reduction and Recycling, Green Project Administration, Materials and Resources, and Construction Practices. Through a variety of environmentally-conscious adaptations such as operating construction vehicles with greater load-carrying capacity, using existing buildings instead of temporary offices, reusing materials like brick, concrete, and asphalt, and recycling steel and other demolition debris, ODOT was able to achieve its Green 7 goals and promote environmental excellence.

The Cleveland Innerbelt Bridge project was the largest Federal Highway Administration INVEST Infrastructure Voluntary Evaluation Sustainability Tool) pilot project in the country and the largest project undertaken by ODOT to date. It exemplifies ODOT's commitment to sustainability and to the integration of sustainability considerations in large-scale transportation projects. ODOT's efforts during the Cleveland Innerbelt Bridge project demonstrate new possibilities for agencies looking to prioritize environmental considerations.

Total Performance to Date
Diesel Fuel Savings 90,058 gallons
Emissions Reduction 1,139 metric tons
Landfill Waste Diversion 125,143 cubic yards
Recycled Steel 5,054,953 pounds
Potable Water Savings 21,698,400 gallons
Recycled Material Content 2,357 cubic yards

ODOT has been tracking its sustainability goals for the Cleveland Innerbelt Bridge Project. To date, the agency has saved 90,058 gallons of diesel fuel, reduced emissions by 1,139 metric tons, diverted 125,143 cubic yards of landfill waste, recycled 5,054,953 pounds of steel, saved 21,968,400 gallons of potable water, and recycled 2,357 cubic yards of other material content.
Source: ODOT

Updated: 10/20/2015
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