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2013 Environmental Excellence Awards

Programmatic Agreements

Project Title

Oregon Federal-Aid Highway Endangered Species Act (ESA) Programmatic

Agencies Awarded

Federal Highway Administration, Oregon Division

  • Cindy Callahan

National Marine Fisheries Service

  • Marc Liverman

Oregon Department of Transportation

  • Cash Chesselet, Tom Loynes, John Raasch, Melinda Trask

The Oregon Federal-Aid Highway Endangered Species Act (ESA) Programmatic provides ESA coverage for Federal-Aid transportation projects in Oregon. The 2012 programmatic agreement addresses 17 species and 16 critical habitats throughout Oregon, and covers approximately 95 percent of the State's Federal-Aid project consultations. The agreement is expected to streamline environmental reviews and has already started to produce results. Over ten projects to date have used the agreement and experienced consultation time reductions of up to 85 percent. The agreement has also helped reduce staff time spent on ESA consultations. While the delivery of ESA consultations previously required four full-time National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) liaisons, the programmatic agreement has reduced staff time on consultations by over 50 percent.

The Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Oregon Division Office, Oregon Department of Transportation, and NMFS worked together to establish the programmatic agreement. The agreement exemplifies innovative approaches to environmental streamlining through the establishment of "no-approval" and "approval" pathways for formal consultations, form-based documentation, programmatic offsetting measures, and web-based mapping and information sharing. This agreement provides certainty to agencies in planning and project delivery efforts, offering concrete design guidance and reducing the cost and timeline of individual consultations.

Map of Oregon showing the coverage area primarily in the west and north parts of the state.
The map of Oregon shown here indicates the included coverage area of the programmatic agreement. Coverage is specific to where NMFS listed species/critical habitat occur. The coverage area occurs in an "L-shape," extending from the coast of Oregon north across the State's border with Washington.
Photo: FHWA Oregon Division

Updated: 7/23/2013
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