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23 Code of Federal Regulations 200.5 (Title VI Definitions)

(Title VI Definitions)

Title 23 - Highways

Part 200--Title VI Program & Related Statutes--Implementation & Review Procedures

200.5 - Definitions

(a) - Affirmative action - A good faith effort to eliminate past and present discrimination in all federally assisted programs and to ensure future nondiscriminatory practices.

(b) - Beneficiary - Any person or group of persons (other than States) entitled to receive benefits, directly or indirectly, from any federally assisted program; i.e., relocatees, impacted citizens, communities, etc.

(c) - Citizen participation - An open process in which the rights of the community to be informed, to provide comments to the Government and to receive a response from the Government are met through a full opportunity to be involved and to express needs and goals.

(d) - Compliance - That satisfactory condition existing when a recipient has effectively implemented all of the Title VI requirements or can demonstrate that every good faith effort toward achieving this end has been made.

(f) - Discrimination - That act (or action) whether intentional or unintentional, through which a person in the United States, solely because of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, has been otherwise subjected to unequal treatment under any program or activity receiving financial assistance from the Federal Highway Administration under title 23 U.S.C.

(i) - Noncompliance - A recipient has failed to meet prescribed requirements and has shown an apparent lack of good faith effort in implementing all of the Title VI requirements.

(j) - Persons - Where designation of persons by race, color, or national origin is required, the following designations ordinarily may be used: "White not of Hispanic origin," "Black not of Hispanic origin," "Hispanic," "Asian or Pacific Islander," "American Indian or Alaskan Native." Additional subcategories based on national origin or primary language spoken may be used, where appropriate, on either a national or a regional basis.

Updated: 8/31/2011
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