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Construction Noise Handbook

10.0 Construction Noise Contacts, Policies, and Reference Material

10.1 Introduction

This chapter is comprised of an Excel-based construction noise contact and policy database containing the following information:

All policies and documents are available for download from the companion CD-ROM version of this Handbook. Websites may be directly reached via clicking on the appropriate link within the database.

10.2 Database

The database is contained in Table 10.1 below. The companion CD-ROM version of this table has been developed in Microsoft Excel format so as to be a self-contained unit: As such, all linked .pdf files are contained within the CD-ROM itself. Thus, the database can be extracted from the CD-ROM and used and updated based on the user's needs, with all existing links remaining intact.

Be aware that contact information listed for individuals is current for the release date of this document (August 2006). For updated information, contact the specific agency or access the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committee ADC40 membership list for U.S. States (, listed under Highway Noise Subcommittee - State Transportation Agency Members).

Table 10.1 Contacts, Policies, and Reference Material
Contact: - Daniel Turman,
Environmental Technical Section, Alabama Department of Transportation, 1409 Coliseum Blvd., Montgomery, Alabama 36130-3050,
Phone 334-242-6828, FAX 334-269-0826,
Policy Alabama.pdf, Section IV.B.8
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Bill Ballard
Alaska Department of Transportation, 3132 Channel Drive, Juneau, Alaska 99801-7898,
Phone 907-465-6954, FAX 907-465-5240
Policy Alaska.pdf , Page 5
Websites: stwddes/dcsenviron/
Related Information: 1. Alaska DOT-Environmental Re-Evaluation Checklist.pdf
Contact: - Fred Garcia
Environmental Planning Section, Arizona Department of Transportation, 205 South 17th Avenue Room 213 Mail Drop 619E, Phoenix, Arizona 85007-3212
Phone 602-712-8635, FAX 602-712-3352
Policy Arizona.pdf , December 2005
Websites: EEG/noise.asp
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Mike Webb
Environmental Division, Arkansas Department of Transportation, Post Office Box 2261, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203
Phone 501-569-2281, FAX 501-569-2009
Policy Arkansas.pdf
Related Information: N/A
Contact: N/A
Policy Australia.pdf , Section 9
Related Information: 1. Australia EPA Construction Noise Manual Roads and Traffic Authority
British Cloumbia
Contact: - Chris Zacharias
British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Highways, Engineering Branch, Environmental Management Section, PO Box 9850 Stn Prov Gov't, Victoria, British Columbia V8W 9T5
Phone 250-387-1264, FAX 250-387-3756
Policy British Columbia.pdf. November 1993
Related Information: 1. Workers' Compensation Board of BC - Construction Noise Report
2. BC - Sea to Sky Highway Improvement Project - Vol 3, Sec C.pdf
Contact: - Bruce Rymer
CALTRANS, Division of Environmental Analysis, P.O. Box 942874, 1120 N Street, M.S. 27, Sacramento, California 94274-0001
Phone 916-653-6073, FAX 916-653-5927
Policy California.pdf , July 1999
Related Information: 1. Caltrans-Highway Design Manual- Ch1100-Highway Traffic Noise Abatement .pdf
2. Caltrans-Draft PWRP 2025 Plan and EIR-Ch 17.pdf
3. Santa Rosa Transit-Oriented Redevelopment Project.pdf
4. Ventura-Construction Noise Threshold Criteria.pdf
Contact: - Bob Mero
Colorado Department of Transportation, Office of Environmental Services, 4201 East Arkansas Avenue, EPB-400
Denver, Colorado 80222-3400
Phone 303-757-9016, FAX 303-757-9445
Policy Colorado.pdf , December 2002, Section 6
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Desmond P. Dickey
Office of Environmental Planning, Connecticut Department of Transportation, Post Office Box 3175462800, Berlin Turnpike, Newington, Connecticut 06131-7546
Phone 860-594-2945, FAX 860-594-3028
Policy Connecticut.pdf , July 1998, Page 15
Related Information: 1. Guide to Understanding Traffic Noise
2. General Conditions - Environmental Compliance
Contact: - Edwin Kuipers
Delaware Department of Transportation, Post Office Box 778, Dover, Delaware 19903
Phone 302-760-2515, FAX 302-739-8282
Policy Delaware.pdf , Section X
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
District of Columbia
Contact: - Maurice Keys
District of Columbia Dept. of Public Works, 2000 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009
Phone 202-671-2740, FAX 202-671-0617
Policy DC Table 1.pdf , Page 4
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
Environmental Protection Agency
Contact: N/A
Policy N/A
Websites: N/A
Related Information: 1. Construction Noise Control Technology Initiatives
2. Effects of Noise on ildlife and Other Animals - 1
3. Effects of Noise on Wildlife and Other Animals - 2
4. EPA Levels Document 1974
5. Condensed Version of Levels Document
6. Noise Emission Standards for Construction Equipment
Contact: Various European States
Policy Europe.pdf, May 2000
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
Federal Highway Administration
Contact: - Mark Ferroni, and - Chris Corbisier
Federal Highway Administration, 400 7th Street, SW, Washington, DC
Phones 202-366-3233, and 202-366-1473
Policy N/A
Websites: Download information on the FHWA TNM Model at the below website:
Related Information: 1. Original 1977 Construction Noise Handbook
2. 1977 Symposium on Highway Construction Noise
3. 1984 Technical Advisory on Highway Construction Noise
4. 1995 Noise Policy and Guidance
5. Measurement of Highway Related Noise
6. FHWA TNM Look-Up Tables
Federal Railroad Administration
Contact: - James Pegues
1120 Vermont Ave, Washington, DC 20005
Phone 202-493-6245, FAX 202-493-6230
Policy FRA.pdf, October 2005, Chapter 10
Websites: Download the entire guidance manual at:
Related Information: 1. High Speed Rail Prediction Excel Spreadsheet
Federal Transit Administration
Contact: - Joseph Ossi, Jr.,
Office of Planning and Environment, TPL-30, 400 Seventh St., SW, Room 9413, Washington, DC 20590
Phone 202-366-1612, FAX 202-366-2478
Policy FTA.pdf, May 2006, FTA Guidance Manual - Chapter 12
Websites: The entire FTA Transit Noise and Vibration Assessment Guidance Manual along with other FTA noise information is available from the FTA website at:
Related Information: 1. Description of the FTA Spreadsheet
2. FTA Spreadsheets - Excel, Quattro Pro 6, and Lotus 123 versions
Contact: - Mariano Berrios
Florida Department of Transportation, 605 Suwannee Street, MS-37, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0450
Phone 850-414-5250, FAX 850-414-4443
Policy Florida.pdf, October 2003, Section 17-4.7.5
Websites: a. pdeman/pdeman.htm
b. FDOT Noise Abatement Policy Letter:
c. See also this link for FDOT guidance for construction project personnel in dealing with construction noise issues
Related Information: 1. Pile Driver Acoustical Blanket Evaluatiuon , (Bernard Kinney)
Contact: - Greg Hood
Georgia Department of Transportation, 3993 Aviation Circle, Atlanta, GA 30336
Phone 404-699-4404, FAX 404-699-4440
Policy Georgia.pdf, April 2005
Websites: pre/env/4415-11.htm
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Steve Ege and - Leslie Imada
Hawaii Department of Transportation, Highway Division, Materials, Testing & Research Branch, 2530 Likelike Highway, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
Phone 808-832-3405 x230 and x228, FAX 808-832-3407
Policy Hawaii.pdf
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
Hong Kong
Contact: N/A
Policy a. Hong Kong.pdf
b. Legislation
c. Example of actual construction noise permit
d. Code of Practice for Construction Noise
e. Guidelines for Construction Sites
f. Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment
Websites: 1. Noise Control Ordinance Guide at: / epd/english/environmentinhk / noise/guide_ref/ guide_ nco.html
2. Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment at: cgi-bin/npg/qpme/ lang=eng
3. Noise Control Ordinance Guide at: / epd/english/environmentinhk / noise/guide_ref/ guide_ nco.html
4. Quality Powered Mechanical Equipment at: cgi-bin/npg/qpme/ lang=eng
Related Information: 1. For Noise Overview go to: epd/english/environmentinhk/ noise/noise_maincontent.html
2. For numerous noise guidelines go to: epd/english/environmentinhk/ noise/guide_ref/noise_ guidelines.html
3. To see actual construction noise contracts currently in place go to:
4. Legislation for the Management of Noise can be found at: hk/epd/misc/ehk05/ english/noise/07.html
Contact: - Roy Jost
Idaho Department of Transportation>, Environmental Section, 3311 West State Street, Boise, Idaho 83707-1129
Phone 208-334-8477, FAX 208-334-8025
Policy Idaho.pdf, Exhibit 1300-7
Websites: Online_Manuals/Environmental/ HTML%20Files/1300.htm
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Kathy Ames, Noise Specialist
Illinois Department of Transportation, 2300 South Dirksen Parkway, Room 330, Springfield, Illinois 62764
Phone 217-785-0203, FAX 217-524-9356
Policy Illinois.pdf, March 2000, Pages 7 and 8
Websites: See also:
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Janice Osadczuk, Chief
Division of Environment, Planning and Engineering, Indiana Department of Transportation, 100 N. Senate Avenue, Room N848, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204-2249
Phone 317-232-5468, FAX 317-232-5478
Policy Indiana.pdf, October 1997, Paragraph F
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Ron Ridnour
Office of Location and Environment, Iowa Department of Transportation, 800 Lincoln Way, Ames, Iowa 50010
Phone 515-239-1613, FAX 515-239-1726
Policy Iowa.pdf, Paragraph III.C
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
Contact: N/A
Policy N/A
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Joan E. Myer
Bureau of Design, Kansas Department of Transportation, 700 SW Harrison Street, Topeka, KS 66603-3754
Phone 785-296-0853, FAX 785-296-8399
Policy Kansas.pdf, August 1996
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Tom Koos
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Division of Environmental Analysis, 200 Mero Street, Frankfort, Kentucky 40622-1994
Phone 502-564-7250, FAX 502-564-5655
Policy Kentucky.pdf, February 2000
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Noel Ardoin
Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, Post Office Box 94245, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804-9245
Phone 225-242-4504, FAX 225-242-4500
Policy Louisiana.pdf, October 1997
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Duane Scott
Maine Department of Transportation, Bureau of Planning, 16 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0016
Phone 207-624-3309, FAX 207-624-3301
Policy Maine.pdf, November 2001, Paragraph 9
Websites: mdot/planning-process- programs/pdf/ noisepolicy.pdf
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Ken Polcak
Maryland State Highway Administration, Office of Environmental Design, 707 N. Calvert Street C-305, Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Phone 410-545-8601, FAX 410-209-5003
Policy Maryland.pdf, May 1998
Websites: N/A
Related Information: 1. General Provisions
Contact: - John Fallon
Massachusetts Highway Department, 10 Park Plaza, Boston, Massachusetts 02116-3973
Phone 17-973-7408, FAX 617-973-8879
Policy Massachusetts.pdf, April 1996
Websites: N/A
Related Information: 1. Central Artery Noise Control Program (Erich Thalheimer)
2. Central Artery Construction Noise Specification
3. Under water noise measurements
Contact: - Tom Hanf, Michigan Department of Transportation, Environmental Analysis Unit, Post Office Box 30050, Lansing, Michigan 48909
Phone 517-241-2445, FAX 517-373-9255
Policy Michigan.pdf , July 2002
Websites: mdot/0,1607,7-151-9621_ 11041_25846---,00.html
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Melvin Roseen
Minnesota Department of Transportation, Noise Analysis Unit, 6000 South Minnehaha Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55111
Phone 612-725-2373, FAX 612-725-2385
Policy Minnesota.pdf, July 2005
Websites: a.
b. See also Section IV, Sections B and C of this link.
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Elton D. Holloway
Planning Division, Mississippi Department of Transportation, Post Office Box 1850, Jackson, Mississippi 39215-1850
Phone 601-359-7685, FAX 601-359-7652
Policy Mississippi.pdf, June 1996, Chapter III
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Macey Jett
Missouri Department of Transportation, 105 West Capitol, Post Office Box 270, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102
Phone 573-526-5648, FAX 573-522-1973
Policy Missouri.pdf, September 1997, Page 7
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Cora G. Helm
Montana Department of Transportation, Environmental Services, Post Office Box 201001, Helena, Montana 59620-1001
Phone 406-444-7659, FAX 406-444-7245
Policy Montana.pdf, June 2001
Related Information: 1. Traffic Noise in Montana
Contact: - Mark Otteman
Project Development Division, Nebraska Department of Roads, Post Office Box 94759, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-4759
Phone 402-479-4684, FAX 402-479-3629
Policy Nebraska.pdf, May 1998
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Daniel Harms
Environmental Services Division, Nevada Department of Transportation, 1263 S. Stewart Street, Carson City, Nevada 89712
Phone 775-888-7685, FAX 775-888-7104
Policy Nevada.pdf, September 1996, Paragraph 5
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
New Hampshire
Contact: - Charles Hood
Project Development Section, Bureau of Environment Room 109, New Hampshire Department of Transportation, Post Office Box 483, Concord, New Hampshire 03302-0483
Phone 603-271-3226, FAX 603-271-7199
Policy New Hampshire.pdf, July 1996, Section VI
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
New Jersey
Contact: - Edward Tomaszewski
New Jersey Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 600, Trenton, New Jersey 08625
Phone 609-530-2835, FAX 609-530-3767
Policy New Jersey.pdf, July 2003
Websites: a. transportation/eng/documents/ BDC/doc/bdc03t05.doc
b. transportation/eng/documents/ miscref/noisestudy.shtm
c. enforcement/
Related Information: 1. New Jersey Model Noise Ordinance
New Mexico
Contact: - Colleen Vaughn or Steve Reed
Environmental Section, Room 213, New Mexico State Highway & Transportation Department, Post Office Box 1149, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-1149
Phone 505-827-3234, FAX 505-827-6862
Policy New Mexico.pdf, December 1992
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
New South Wales, Australia
Contact: Noise Policy Section, Environmental Policy Branch, Environmental Protection Auyhority, 59-61 Goulburn Street, P.O. Box A290, Sydney South 1232, Australia
Phone: (02) 9733 5000, FAX: (02) 9733 5002
Policy New South Wales, Australia.pdf, May-99
Related Information: 1. Noise Guide for Local Government
New York
Contact: - William McColl
Environmental Analysis Bureau, New York State Department of Transportation, State Campus, 5-303, Albany, New York 12232
Phone 518-457-2385, FAX 518-457-6887
Policy New York.pdf, August 1998, Chapter VI
Websites: See Chapter 3 at:
Related Information: N/A
North Carolina
Contact: - Stephen Walker
North Carolina Department of Transportation, Office of Human Environment, 1583 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-1583
Phone 919-715-1614, FAX 919-715-1522
Policy North Carolina.pdf
Websites: a. doh/preconstruct/pe/ ohe/NoiseAir/
b. doh/preconstruct/pe/ ohe/NoiseAir/abatement.html
Related Information: N/A
North Dakota
Contact: - Mark Gaydos, Design Engineer
North Dakota Department of Transportation, 608 E. Boulevard Avenue, Bismark, North Dakota 58505-0700
Phone 701-328-2555, FAX 701-328-0103
Policy North Dakota.pdf, May 1997
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Elvin W. Pinckney
Ohio Department of Transportation, Office of Environmental Services, 1980 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43223
Phone 614-466-5154, FAX 614-728-7368
Policy Ohio.pdf, July 2005
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Chris T. Blaney
Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Planning and Environmental Office, 3rd Floor, Building 'D', 1201 Wilson Avenue, Downsview, Ontario M3M 1J8, Canada
Phone 416-235-5561, FAX 416-235-3446
Policy Ontario.pdf, October 1987
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Staci Beasley, Noise Specialist
Oklahoma Department of Transportation, 200 Northeast 18th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105
Phone 405-521-2515, FAX 405-521-6948
Policy Oklahoma.pdf, 1999
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - David Goodwin
Environmental Services, Oregon Department of Transportation>, 355 Capitol Street, NE Room 301, Salem, Oregon 97301
Phone 503-986-3488, FAX 503-986-3407
Policy Oregon.pdf, June 1996, Section 6.000; Appendix I
Websites: ODOT/HWY/GEOENVIRONMENTAL/ docs/Noise_Manual/ NoiseMan_Revised_ 061704.pdf
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Danielle Shellenberger
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Bureau of Design, P.O. Box 3790, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120
Phone 717-783-6503, FAX 717-772-0834
Policy Pennsylvania.pdf, February 2002, Section II, Step 6
Websites: public/pdf/pennDOTpub24.pdf
Related Information: 1. Example special provision
Puerto Rico
Contact: - Luis Rodriquez
Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority, Post Office Box 42007, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00940
Phone 787-721-8787 Ext. 11529, FAX 787-727-5503
Policy Puerto Rico.pdf, Section XIV
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
Rhode Island
Contact: - Bob Smith
Rhode Island Department of Transportation, Highway Engineering Division, 2 Capitol Hill, Providence, Rhode Island 02903
Phone 401-222-2023 Ext. 4023, FAX 401-222-3006
Policy Rhode Island.pdf
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
South Carolina
Contact: - Wayne Hall
Environmental Management Office, South Carolina Department of Transportation, Post Office Box 191, Columbia, South Carolina 29201
Phone 803-737-1872, FAX 803-737-1394
Policy South Carolina.pdf
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
South Dakota
Contact: - Alice Whitebird
South Dakota Department of Transportation, 700 E. Broadway Avenue, Pierre, South Dakota 57501-2586
Phone 605-773-3309, FAX 605-773-6608
Policy South Dakota.pdf, April 1996
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Jim Ozment
Tennessee Department of Transportation, Office of Environmental Planning and Permits, Suite 900, James K. Polk Building, 505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0334
Phone 615-741-5373, FAX 615-741-1098
Policy Tennessee.pdf
Websites: See also: news/2005/030405.htm
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Michael Shearer
Texas Department of Transportation, Environmental Affairs Division, 125 E. 11th Street, Austin, Texas 78701-2409
Phone 512-416-2622, FAX 512-416-2319
Policy Texas.pdf, June 1996 (Change 1, July 1997), Section IV, J.1.
Websites: env/pdf/resources/ TxDOTnoise96.pdf
Related Information: N/A
United Kingdom
Contact: N/A
Policy United Kingdom.pdf, 2003
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Jerry Chaney
Utah Department of Transportation, Environmental Division, Box 148450, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-8450
Phone 801-965-4317, Cell 801-633-6218, FAX 801-965-4564
Policy Utah.pdf, March 2004
Websites: N/A
Related Information: 1. Roadway Pavement Grinding Noise Study
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Contact: N/A
Policy N/A
Websites: N/A
Related Information: 1. Environmental Effects of Underwater Explosions on plants, anphibians, reptiles,fish,and marine mammals, with mitigation methods
Contact: - Dennis Benjamin
Program Development Division, Vermont Agency of Transportation, National Life Building, Drawer 33, Montpelier, Vermont 05633-5001
Phone 802-828-3978, FAX 802-828-2334
Policy Vermont.pdf
Websites: Noise policy is contained in Appendix C in link to August 2001 Environmental Operations Manual - Noise Policy is dated July 1997, TechServices/Documents/ EnvirOpsManual/FullEnviro OpsManual.pdf
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Amy Costello, Air, Noise & Energy Section Manager
Virginia Department of Transportation, 1401 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219
Phone 804-371-6773, FAX 804-786-7401
Policy Virginia.pdf, January 1997
Related Information: 1. Woodrow Wilson Bridge Construction Noise Special Provision
Contact: - Mia Waters
Washington State Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 330310, NB82-138, Seattle, Washington 98133-9710
Phone 206-440-4541, FAX 206-440-4805
Policy Washington.pdf, March 2006, Paragraph 15
Websites: a. Noise policy can be found at:
b. View WSDOT projects at:
c. See vaious topics under Acoustics heading at:
Related Information: 1. Bubble Curtain Application to mitigate noise impacts on fish
2. Tacoma Narrows Bridge - Nighttime Construction (Communications Strategy)
3. Tacoma Narrows Bridge - Nighttime Construction (Operations Plan)
4. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Nighttime Construction Activities - Newsletter
West Virginia
Contact: - James Colby
West Virginia Department of Transportation, State Capitol Complex, Building 5, Room A-450, 1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East, Charleston, West Virginia 25305-0430
Phone 304-558-2885, FAX 304-558-7296
Policy 1. West Virginia.pdf, February 1998
2. Mitigation Directive, October 2003
Websites: Noise Guidelines are contained at the following web site under Coordination/Environment (DD 207); Mitigation Directive is DD 206: engineering/dds.htm
Related Information: 1. Fish Passage Studies
Contact: - Jay Waldschmidt
Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Bureau of Equity and Environmental Services Room 451, 4802 Sheboygan Avenue, Post Office Box 7965, Madison, Wisconsin 53707-7965
Phone 608-267-9806, FAX 608-266-7818
Policy 1. Wisconsin.pdf, August 1996
2. Construction Stage Impact Evaluation, December 2005
Websites: a. Environmental Procedures Manual for Noise
b. Construction stage noise discussion can be found at: forms/docs/dt2074.doc
Related Information: N/A
Contact: - Timothy M. Carroll, P.E. Environmental Project Engineer
Wyoming Department of Transportation, 5300 Bishop Boulevard, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009-3340
Phone 307-777-4378, FAX 307-777-4193<</td>
Policy Wyoming.pdf, June 1996
Websites: N/A
Related Information: N/A
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