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Highway Construction Noise

Measurement, Prediction, and Mitigation

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the word 'noise'

Prepared by: US. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration

Jerry A. Reagan
Charles A. Grant
Office of Environmental Policy


In early 1976, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) initiated a two-part program designed to study, evaluate and provide guidance in the area of construction noise. Part one was a short-range effort to prepare a manual for use by highway oriented groups and individuals in coping with construction noise during the various stages of project development. The manual would be a state-of-the-art review dealing with measurement, prediction and mitigation. Part two was the sponsorship of a workshop on the mitigation of construction noise. The purpose of the workshop was to develop long-range strategies for controlling construction noise.

This manual represents the completion of part one of the program.This manual does not represent FHWA policy. It is an attempt to summarize the rapidly evolving technology in controlling and mitigating construction noise. This manual represents a logical starting point into the evaluation and control of highway construction noise. Users of this manual are encouraged to update this material as better information becomes available.


This manual could not have been prepared without the full cooperation of the Washington Headquarters, with special thanks to reviewers from the Office of Environmental Policy, Office of Highway Operations, Office of Engineering and Office of Research.

The authors especially appreciate the guidance and encouragement given by Mr. Harter M. Rupert, Office of Environmental Policy.

Special thanks is extended to Ms. Beverly Jo Williams and Mrs. Juanita B. Proctor for the proofreading and typing of this manual.

Table of Contents
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