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Traffic Noise Model

Readme file for FHWA TNM V1.0b:

A new executable, TNM Version 1.0b, is now available. This new version includes the following:

There are currently three files for Version 1.0b on the TNM web-page:

  1. This Readme file
  2. a downloadable TNM Version 1.0b executable (TNM1_0B.EXE) and
  3. a downloadable NMPlot Version 3.06 executable (NMPLOTX.EXE).

To use Version 1.0b, download the file TNM1_0B.EXE, rename it to TNM.EXE, then replace the existing TNM.EXE file located in your TNM/PROGRAM directory with the new executable file.

The previous version of NMPlot was having difficulties running on very fast computers (typically faster than 200 MHz) giving some users a runtime error message. The developer of NMPlot has recently released a new DOS version of NMPLOT, Version 3.06, which corrects this error. To use Version 3.06, replace the existing NMPLOTX.EXE file located in your TNM/PROGRAM/NMPLOT directory with the new executable file.

Official TNM Test Case
Receiver Name No. #DUS Existing LAeq1h dBA No Barrier LAeq1h Calculated dBA Crit'n dBA Increase over Calculated dB Existing Crit'n Sub'l Inc dB Type Impact with Barrier Calculated LAeq1h dBA Noise Reduction Calculated dB Goal dB Calculated minus Goal dB
A-111 0.068.76668.710 Snd Lvl58.210.582.5
A-221 0.071.06671.010 Snd Lvl60.410.682.6
B-131 0.071.06671.010 Snd Lvl59.811.283.2
B-241 0.072.76672.710 Snd Lvl62.310.482.4
C-151 0.072.86672.810 Snd Lvl61.411.483.4
C-261 0.074.76674.710 Snd Lvl64.210.582.5
D-171 0.072.36672.310 Snd Lvl61.311.083.0
D-281 0.074.66674.610 Snd Lvl64.010.682.6
E-191 0.072.66672.610 Snd Lvl60.911.783.7
E-2101 0.073.86673.810 Snd Lvl63.810.082.0
F-1111 0.072.66672.610 Snd Lvl60.911.783.7
F-2121 0.074.06674.010 Snd Lvl63.810.282.2
G-1131 0.073.76673.710 Snd Lvl61.412.384.3
G-2141 0.074.76674.710 Snd Lvl64.710.082.0
19aE-1151 0.074.46674.410 Snd Lvl61.712.784.7
H-1161 0.073.56673.510 Snd Lvl61.312.284.2
H-2171 0.074.56674.510 Snd Lvl64.79.881.8
I-1181 0.073.46673.410 Snd Lvl61.112.384.3
I-2191 0.074.26674.210 Snd Lvl64.59.781.7
J-1201 0.072.16672.110 Snd Lvl60.411.783.7
J-2211 0.073.16673.110 Snd Lvl63.39.881.8
K-1221 0.071.56671.510 Snd Lvl60.111.483.4
K-2231 0.072.76672.710 Snd Lvl62.99.881.8
L-1241 0.071.26671.210 Snd Lvl59.911.383.3
L-2251 0.072.66672.610 Snd Lvl62.89.881.8
M-1261 0.070.76670.710 Snd Lvl59.611.183.1
M-2271 0.072.36672.310 Snd Lvl62.49.981.9
19aE-2281 0.073.86673.810 Snd Lvl61.112.784.7
N-1291 0.069.36669.310 Snd Lvl59.110.282.2
N-2301 0.071.36671.310 Snd Lvl61.89.581.5
O-1311 0.072.26672.210 Snd Lvl60.511.783.7
O-2321 0.074.26674.210 Snd Lvl64.110.182.1
Dwelling Units # DUs Noise Reduction Min dB Noise Reduction Avg dB Noise Reduction Max dB
All Selected 32 9.5 10.9 12.7
All Impacted 32 9.5 10.9 12.7
All that meet NR Goal 32 9.5 10.9 12.7
Updated: 6/3/2016
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