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Traffic Noise Model: Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Menu: Barrier Analysis

  1. Why do my barrier analyses seem to disappear?

    When using Remember As to save a barrier analysis, be sure you are using a new name or TNM will overwrite your previous analysis without warning. Use File, Save or nothing will be saved on disk.

  2. Why don't the results tables reflect changes I make in the barrier analysis?

    TNM dynamically links the Barrier Analysis module with TNM tables. To properly make this linkage, the Barrier view must be the active view at the time you open each results table.

  3. Why can't I create a new Barrier Analysis?

    Have you selected the desired receiver(s) and barrier segment(s)? If so, then also make sure that the Plan view is the active window before selecting New in the Barrier Analysis menu.

  4. Why does Line-of-Sight show yellow markers?

    Barrier analyses, which include more than 1 barrier, will produce yellow markers for all but 1 barrier. Users should either combine barriers before performing Line-of-Sight, or perform separate analyses.

Updated: 7/15/2011
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